Top Travel Influencers in India to Follow in 2020

Do you love to explore new places, they why not to rock with professional travel influencer? Think about it. Use Best Influencer Platforms to inspire and let others inspire from your travel journey. Many travel influencers are today working with tourism, and hospitality brands and helping them with the increase of travellers.

There are many Best Influencer Marketing Platform For Influencers in travel, food vlogging, beauty niche, fitness, or more can show their skills and versatility while endorsing brands and business. If you are new into this plan, let’s talk on top travel influencers in India you must follow and let your dreams come true.

The Top Travel Influencers In India: 

  1. Shivya Nath: 

Shivya Nath is a famous travel influencer in India known for her simple life, unique exploring ideas. Today she is inspiring many young people, especially girls explorers, to leave comfort life and become a free bid to travel worldwide. She is a gemstone with informative travel experiences, posts, feeds and captions. Shivya is also a best seller author for “The Shooting Star”.

  1. Ajay Sood:

A famous Getty photographer, Ajay Sood, with a travel guide website “Travelure”. He is even honoured with Outlook Magazine Photographer of the year and even recognized travel blogger/vlogger. With his journey in travel photography and experiences, he is also a TBEX speaker. You can easily look for his travel captions and images on Instagram, his website and other Best Influencer Platforms. 

  1. Archana Singh:

With a verified Instagram account as “travelseewrite”, Archana Singh is a popular travel influencer in India. She is a famous travel journalist, photographer, public speaker. On many Best Influencer Marketing Platforms For Influencers, Archana is face to inspire many influencers. With her motto to explore the world, she left her job and started travelling. Her stories, captions, pictures and blogs are creative and adventurous, Archana is even working with many environmental awareness and women empowerment programs and NGOs.

  1. Siddaratha Joshi:

Siddartha started sharing his travel stories as a timepass to just enjoy with friends, now upholds a verified Instagram account with thousand of followers. He is now one of the best influencers in the travel niche, with his exploring blogs, vlogs, pictures and captions.

  1. Footloose Dev:

On Best Influencer Platform like Instagram, you once visit Footloose Dev. He is a true travel enthusiast, with great exploring ways, captions, photography and more. He a leading young travel influencer and even guide many people to make money through blogging and vlogging creations 

  1. Ami Bhat:

If you want to go for restless travel influencer, a fresh face like Ami Bhat is a real gem. He is a travel bug and loves to explore new places worldwide. Apart from being a travel influencer, Ami is a professional in digital marketing analyst.

The Other Popular Names In Travel Influencers In India:

  • Abhinav Singh.
  • Neelima Vallangi.
  • Swati and Sam.
  • Indrani Ghose.
  • Amrita and Agni.
  • Revati, and Charles Victor.
  • Mridula Dwivedi
  • Karthik Murli.
  • Prachi and Himadari Garg.
  • Arun Bhat.

Final Verdict: 

There are numerous of Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for Influencers to roll and rock for different niches. In fact, being influencer or marketer, use of Best Influencer Platform is now the need of time. So if you are planning to enter this work field, then must gain some knowledge about influencer marketing, how its done, the wise choose of platform and more.

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