3 Best Ideas To Celebrate Christmas Amidst This Pandemic

This year has not been a blessed one so far, the pandemic has stopped for us the joy of socialising, gathering and partying completely. The same stands true for not just personal life but professional ones as well. Celebrating the end of the year that is going by and welcoming the new one with a grand party isn’t going to happen this time. So, what does it mean for businesses? Should the celebration and hope for a better and brighter year be kept aside? No! In this blog, we tell you how you can celebrate Christmas with your employees without having to worry about COVID-19 spread. and make it merry like every other year. 

After all, we must applaud ourselves and our colleagues for the endurance we have shown throughout the year, for standing together and working from our homes to make the business survive the tough times. Let’s begin!

Send gifts with heartfelt personalised notes
While you cannot meet the employees in person, you can ring the bell of celebration at their doorsteps through gifts. It can be anything even a t-shirt with a brand’s logo or a small team photo framed. What matters is the gesture, you can take help of managers and leads to get these gifts delivered with customised notes written on it. HRIS software in India have the feature to access the full profile of the employees, the same can be used to fetch their address, number and see their achievements, in case you want to mention something from that in the note.

Organise virtual raise a toast+ happy hour session
The best way to celebrate together in this unprecedented time is through the screens. A zoom call, some drinks, chit-chat, quiz, trivia and raising a toast session would be great. It would be a great idea to give an e-voucher as a reward to people who performed extraordinarily well. HRIS software in India can be checked to see the performance of each employee.

Count everyone in for some culinary delight

Either keep it as a picnic spot in an outdoor place with not more than four people standing together or send some delish dished to every employee’s home, it can be a cake, main course, or anything that they can relish the taste of and thank you for the surprise for. 

Remember, the best gift you can give to your people at the workplace is the gift of time, Nothing is more precious than that in this pandemic. We all need someone to talk and hear us out. The chat feature in HRIS software in India can surely help, but once is while make sure you have a team call or even one on ones. Being confined to the four walls in quarantine has amplified the need for a change of environment and the need to talk and meet people. While it is still not safe to meet, calling and staying in touch, giving time, is perhaps the best we all can do! 

Merry Christmas

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