Why This Festive Season Is Ideal For Buying A Bike

A series of festivals are going on globally. Hence, a significant part of the world is in the festive mode now. This is the season to pamper and spoil yourself, to indulge in spending after toiling the entire year, to feel happier. 

What could be better than fulfilling one of your dreams this festive season? If you have always longed to buy a bike, then this is the right time to pursue your dreams. Bike Finance is the key. 

If you are curious to know why this festive season is ideal for buying a bike, here are some reasons you will find convincing. Read ahead. 

  • Lucrative pricing

 Almost all two-wheeler manufacturing companies give attractive offers during the festive season. 

For your information, there are lucrative offers on the down payment that you have to make. Some dealers also charge much lower interest rates on EMI that you have to pay if you purchase on Bike Finance scheme. In case you are sceptical, you can verify this using a Two Wheeler Loan Calculator

Remember, these facilities are generally lifted when the festive season is over. So, you can make most out of it if you purchase your bike during this season.

  • Amazing exchange offers

If you already have a bike but wish to exchange it with a new two-wheeler, the festive period is the best.

As you know, you usually gain nothing when you exchange an old vehicle with a new one. 

But this festive season is different; the two-wheeler dealers offer great exchange offers during this time. 

While some companies give comparatively greater exchange value for an old bike, others provide offers that reflect upon the amount you would pay as a down payment or EMI. So, there is no point in missing this opportunity.

  • Rewards and gifts

How would you feel when someone rewards you for a purchase that you have made? It will undoubtedly be a double offer that will multiply your delight. 

This is exactly what happens when you buy a two-wheeler during the festive season. Many bike dealers and manufacturers give gift vouchers and scratch cards against a purchase.  

Some companies even hand over gifts immediately after you make the purchase. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a wise idea if you purchase your bike during the festive season.

  • New model launches

Some people have a set model in mind when they plan to buy a two-wheeler. However, there is a vast majority of people who prefer to explore the various models of two-wheelers available within their estimated budget before finalizing on a specific model. 

If you belong to the group of people who prefer exploring new models of bikes before buying one, the festive season is the best time for you. 

As the demand for two-wheelers rises during this time, many two-wheeler manufacturers consider the festive season as the right time for launching new models.

Thus, as you get a greater range of products to select, a visit to the two-wheeler showroom proves worthwhile during this time. 

  • Greater insurance coverage

 When you buy a two-wheeler through total cash down or Bike Finance, you have to opt for an insurance policy mandatorily. As a consequence, you have to make some extra payments regularly for availing the policy too in addition to the EMI that you have to pay after making calculations in Two Wheeler Loan Calculator. 

But some companies ease the procedure during the festive season and provide lower interests for insurance coverage on selected two-wheeler brands. Hence, it is pointless to miss out on this opportunity if you are serious about buying a two-wheeler.