Book a Session: Popular Clinical Physiotherapy Sessions You Can Opt for

Worldwide, physiotherapists are known as the unique community of healers who can provide you with instant relief from pain and / or prevent injuries with correct mode of treatment and intervention. In most cases, these cases involve science-based habilitation and rehabilitation techniques that are designed with practice, execution and delivery of clinical knowledge about the conditions. The best physiotherapist in Delhi is available for maximizing your quality of life by alleviating pains and restrictions hampering your movement and functional capabilities.

Here are some of the popular pain relief sessions you can book with your Delhi physiotherapist.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

8 out of 10 joint related cases in India are automatically referred to as orthopedics cases. There is more to the section than what meets the eye, or tickles the bone!

Also referred to as MSK / Ortho sessions, these refer to the prevention of damage or healing of muscles and skeletal structures of the body. If you have pain in your joints, spine, knee, tendons, heel, wrist or jaw bone, you would be most likely be advised to book an MSK Ortho session with the Delhi Physiotherapist.


With the rise in gym and home-based fitness training centers, sports physiotherapists are dealing with thousands of cases on a daily basis.

Sportsmen have to undergo a series of tests and physiotherapy sessions before and after their training and practice. The FAAM Test (Foot and Ankle Ability Measure (FAAM) is one of the most popular physiotherapy tests created for sports fraternity. If you have a difficulty walking, running, jumping, or bending your joints, you are likely to undergo Sports Physiotherapy session as prescribed by the sports physician / trainer.

Cardiopulmonary Conditions

Prevention is better than cure — and, cardio pulmonary physiotherapy can certainly save lives with timely intervention.

1 in 4 deaths in India are attributed to CVDs or coronary artery diseases, or cardiopulmonary-related diseases. In the last 4 years or so, the number of patients dying from CVDs in India has swelled from 55 million to 80 million. In Delhi alone, thousands are dying from CVD related health ailments, especially in the elderly age groups of 50 year and above.

CVD-focused cardiopulmonary physiotherapy delves in the prevention and habilitation of patients with acute lung and heart ailments, especially in the pre and post-operative stages.


Thousands of cases are reported every year in Delhi related to neuromuscular disorders. The average age group of patients range between 35 and 67 years. A majority of them are mid-aged women / menopausal. Due to changing lifestyle habits, minors as young as 11 years are also suffering from neurology disorders. A neurologic physical therapist would be the best person to assess these conditions and provide with preventive / correctional steps.

Other popular physiotherapy sessions include: Paediatrics, Rheumatology, Geriatrics, Medical Conditions and Oncology physical therapy and mental health assessment.

Book a 30 minute session every month to alleviate what happens in your remaining 720 hours!