Taking Care of Your Cowboy Hat: All You Need to Know

If you are planning to buy a new cowboy hat, you should keep in mind that it will also come with some responsibilities apart from the style element. One of the duties is taking adequate care of the hat.

You need to store your hat carefully so that it not only lasts long but also preserves its shape over time.

Therefore, it will help if you acquaint yourself with some rules of property storing your cowboy hat that are as follows:

Rule 1

Store your hat upside down on the crown. If you store it right-side up, the brim can flatten. And that is something you will not like. Also, make sure that you keep your hat on a clean surface.

Rule 2

Keep your hat clean. Never allow dirt to settle on it. You can use a soft brush to clean your hat. While brushing, start at the hat’s left side, go counterclockwise toward the back, and all around the hat. You can also wipe your hat with a clean damp cloth.

Rule 3

Do not expose your hat to excessive heat. But that does not mean that you cannot wear it under the blazing sun. You can. Ensure that you do not store near heat sources, such as a stove, or in your car window.  If you do so, the heat can make the hat shrink.

Rule 4

If your cowboy hat gets wet, dry it properly. When you move around wearing your hat, it can get exposed to rain and snow. You should shake off the water and allow it to dry. Ensure that you do not rest your wet hat on its brim, as that will make your hat lose its shape.

Rule 5

When sweat settles on the sweatband of your cowboy hat, you should take that seriously. If you have sweated a good deal or used gel or other stuff on your hair, then turn down the sweatband to let it dry.

Rule 6

Do not use liquid cleaners to clean your hat.  If you find stuff, like a grease stain or water stain, sitting on your hat, clean it with cornstarch or baby talc.

Rule 7

Avoid keeping your hands on the crown. While putting on or taking off your cowboy hat, hold the brim in the front and back simultaneously.  Do not put your hand on the crown or push it down.


Possessing a cowboy boy hat is something you can see as pride. You can wear it at any time during the year, and it is never out of fashion. It will help if you take good care of your cowboy hat as with that, your hat will give you many years of service.

But before you buy a cowboy hat, ensure that it is the right fit for your head. Refer to the infographic in this post to know more.