Weed Flavoured E Liquid in the UK – What are You Getting and What’s the Best

Hello vaping friends, in this post I wanted to discuss weed flavoured e liquids in the UK. Mainly, I want to clear something up that I think is a bit confusing – weed flavoured e liquid is not always a CBD e liquid. In this post, I will break down why this is the case and then go on to tell you my favourite range of weed flavoured e liquids in the UK that do contain CBD. 

Until fairly recently, CBD e liquid was not legally sold in the UK, but now you are able to buy CBD products that are derived from hemp and that contain trace amounts of THC (THC being the psychoactive compound in cannabis that makes you feel high). However, prior to CBD being legal you could still buy marijuana or weed e liquids in vaping shops. Now, these aren’t e liquids mixed in with marijuana extract (as this would be illegal and only available on the black market), rather they were weed flavoured e liquids in the UK. 

What’s a weed flavoured e liquid? An e liquid is made from a base mixture Vegetable Glycerine (VG)  and Propylene Glycol (PG). The ratio of which will determine the type of vaping experience you will get – the more VG the bigger the vape plume, the more PG the harsher the hit at the back of the throat. This  PG / VG blend is then mixed in with your desired flavouring and / or additive (e.g. CBD, nicotine or nothing – just flavouring). So, if you were to pick a marijuana e liquid pre CBD days it would have been an e liquid mixed in with natural terpenes derived from cannabis strains to give it that authentic marijuana / weed taste. Hence a weed flavoured e liquid. 

Now that CBD is legal and you can buy CBD e liquids, this makes things a little more confusing. If you are looking for a CBD e liquid, always check that it contains hemp extract not just natural terpenes for the weed flavour!  

One thing to note, though, CBD e liquids have no high. This is because as mentioned before, they do not contain THC the compound that makes you feel high. Instead many people don’t feel a significant “effect” of the CBD, but it is associated with many therapeutic benefits such as stress relief, helping you get to sleep and reducing any aches and pains. So, whilst you might not get a “hit,” you may, looking back on your day realise that you were less stressed, anxious or in less pain. If you want to vape lightly throughout the day given vaping is the most effective way to take CBD, CBD e liquids are not high concentration being 5 – 10% CBD making them the perfect low dose option. 

My favourite range of weed flavoured CBD e liquids derived from the best strains are from Paso. They have a selection of three – Mango Kush, Amnesia Haze and Sour Diesel. Plus if you are looking for something a little punchier they also have high strength (65%) CBD cartridges that are made from pure hemp extract. 

Hopefully, I have cleared up the mistake that some people make. Shout with any questions below! 

CBD chocolate is one of the most delicious ways to consume CBD. Many people are put off eating CBD due to the bitter, earthy taste of the hemp. In a chocolate format, however, this taste is beautifully masked. This has not always been the case as, thankfully, the standard of CBD chocolate has significantly improved as popularity in CBD products has grown. CBD chocolate, as with any edible, is a slow release way to consumer CBD as it takes longer for the CBD to absorb into the bloodstream. This is because it has to pass through the digestive system first.