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Find Out Why Your AC Failing to Control the Indoor Humidity

Everyone knows that delivering the desired indoor temperature is the basic function of an air conditioner, but this is the only thing that your air-conditioning system can do. Yes, another function of an air conditioner is to control the humidity levels in order to make the indoor environment more convenient for the user. But at times, air conditioners start misbehaving in different manners, which can easily be annoying for the user. In such a situation when an air conditioner starts misbehaving, hiring AC repair Miami Gardens experts is the best choice. This is because both the experience and skill are needed to fix a misbehaving air conditioner.

We’ll here discuss such situations when an air conditioner fails to control the indoor humidity. Before any other thing, we would like to advise you that you should not make a delay in calling the professionals of AC repair Miami Gardens if your air conditioner is causing this problem.

Before we start explaining the major AC problems responsible for the unbalanced indoor humidity, you first need to understand how an air conditioner removes the excessive humidity from the indoor air. When the moisture present in the indoor air comes into contact with freezing cold evaporator coils, it turns into its liquid state. This process goes on continuously, and the humidity level goes down simultaneously. Now, when you know the process through which an air conditioner controls the humidity level, you can now also understand the main reasons behind the unstable humidity level in your air-conditioned room.

Dusty Evaporator Coils

If there’s a thick dust layer present over the evaporator coil, then it is highly unlikely for an air conditioner to control the indoor humidity properly. This is because dust particles can be responsible for hindering the condensation process that takes place when the surrounding moisture comes into contacts with evaporator coils. So, it’s your responsibility to keep the evaporator coil clean as much as possible.

Filthy Air Filters

If air filters are clogged with debris, then it may result in the poor airflow over the evaporator coil. Eventually, it also leads to unstable humidity levels in the room. Cleaning the air filters at regular intervals is the easiest way to avoid this problem.

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