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Why do home inspection companies need call centers? 

Home inspection is a profession where there is a great diversity in the market. It can consist of just a single person or 100 so you never know how it works. We can take an example of a person named John who just started his home inspection company. With all the commitment and dedication, he started working and built a good reputation for himself through positive word of mouth from the clients who were satisfied with his work a lot and gave him five star reviews. Soon he started receiving a lot of calls as queries which were becoming a hindrance in his work. One day he was performing a home inspection but got too distracted and made a little mistake which made his clients a bit disappointed and this resulted as not a good thing for him. That day, John realized that he cannot handle both things together and needed to focus more on the actual job rather than dealing with unfruitful queries. As a Home Inspector the Answering Service of John’s home inspection company should have been better but due to the overlapping of time and other factors, this happened and the results of this negligence are below.

After a few days of this event, John was busy performing a job and during that time, he received 4 calls but decided to get back to them later once the job was done. When he was finished with his home inspection, he called back on all the numbers, two of them were just casual inquiry calls but the other two were actual jobs but by the time John got back to them, they booked an inspection somewhere else! This left him very disappointed. 

After thinking for a long time, he came to the conclusion that he needs another person to answer all the calls for him and book all the appointments he will be getting. This way he can focus on his actual job and someone else can handle the easy work of answering the calls. 

Turns out, it was not easy at all, the new customer support guy did not know anything about the business and was unable to answer all the queries properly which turned to be a disaster for John as he was paying the man good money but he was not being able to secure any more jobs and the business went into deficit. 

After this experience, John learnt his lesson and fired that guy. He knew that he needed someone with ample knowledge regarding the home inspection industry and have some previous experience so he can help him in securing more home inspection jobs. 

After conducting many interviews, he finally found the perfect candidate for the job but he was demanding too much salary. John could not afford it but as his claims were that he can bring in many sales, it resulted in John hiring him. The salary he had to pay out a major dent in his business profit but he was hoping for a better business but due to bad luck or God knows what, there were not enough inquiry calls through which the leads could have been converted. He was just a call representative and could not do marketing for the brand to get more calls in hence there was no work for him to attend to due to a few previous blunders that happened with John. 

Now, more than ever, John needed a solution. He conducted the interviews again and started looking for a person who could make calls for marketing along with attending the queries as well. The only things that that person did not have was the experience in this field and knowledge about the brand and home inspection services. As John was in a struggling phase, he had a good time to train him according to how he wanted. He did the same thing and made him understand everything properly. 

When he was perfectly trained, he started making marketing calls and this way John started to get home inspection jobs. As the words spread, he started getting queries as well and everything started going smoothly. 

But then came a point where incoming calls were a lot, John could not be present mostly because he had a lot of work to do. 

As it became very overwhelming for the new guy, he discussed this problem with John and told him about an advertisement he saw regarding calling center solutions. As they resided in Georgia, they started to think about this idea as there were many options available in the market because when we talk about Personalized Service Georgia has many potential options to choose from. 

John selected a company which was specifically dealing with home inspection companies and handling their clients with good customer services and the amount of lead generation from their side was exceptional. 

He went there and trusted them with his work, as time passed, many more jobs started to come in and John had to increase his home inspectors team to deal with all the orders coming in regarding the home inspection jobs as they were getting really good home inspection companies. 

After a few years, getting the answering solution from the call center, John grew his team to 20 home inspectors working with a lot of hard work and he was happiest than ever due to his success in this business that he started from scratch! 


Call center helped him with: 

1. Costs

Getting call center help, helped John in dealing with the costs that were inflating before due to investments in the wrong sources. Now the cost is too less and the output was amazing. 

2. Equipment 

John did not have to buy any equipment to set up an office for calling the customers and this way the amount that was supposed to be given to the calling person was saved. 

3. Response time 

The response time became way less than before and customers appreciated this agility. 

4. Professionalism & Business knowledge 

Last but not the least, the calling company had all the necessary qualities to make it better for John hence he got successful.

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