Best Gift For The Books Lovers That Aren’t The Books

If you think the best gifts for a book lover are only the books then you are totally wrong here. Because other than receiving and giving books for a book worm in your life there are actually some of the gift items that work really well to impress them. Yes, there’s a whole world of book-related gifts out there that is sure to spark the same amount of curiosity and joy in the bibliophiles of your life and that will likely amaze them more than a book.

Anyhow, below is the list of gift ideas that are sure to thrill that friend and family member in your life who’s always seen with a book in their hand, who uses their library card so frequently that they have to replace it or get a new one several times, and who might as well get the new book instead of getting a tattoo. So scroll ahead, to take a look at what we have assembled for you to impress every bookworm in your list.

Customised Cake

If you are looking for gift ideas that are other than book ideas for your book worm friend. Then treating them with a customised cake of the design of books and bookshelf would make a great gift for their upcoming birthday. Along with personalising the cake you can choose the cake flavour, weight, base and toppings of that delight as well. Either you can make online cake delivery in bareilly at their doorstep or you can go to any of your nearby bakery shops to pick the cake and surprise them at their doorway. We are sure this sweet gesture will melt their heart and make their day even more special.

Accessories For Book lovers

Unluckily, we are looking and checking randomly at our smartphones nowadays rather than pages of our books.  If this thought makes you sad then there is good news that you can make a book that just resembles a phone. Gifting this to your book lover friend would provide the best book accessory they have got till now. The best part is that it’s front lap case consists of classic book covers. It’s kind of a stylish and trendy gift idea.

Book Watch

For some people, you just need gifts that are different and unique than the regular ones. And what’s more classic and antique than a watch? There are many brands out there that manufacture watches which blend with the scent of library books. By this gift idea, they are sure to arrive right on time whenever they head out with this.

Book Plates

All the book lovers out there borrow and lend books from each other as long as they get them back. In this book plate they can make a record about the number of lists and books they have borrowed  from their loved ones. So that it would be easy to find them when it’s the time to return them.  Get this set for this friend who always trades their favourite books.

Reading Socks

Any pair of socks could be made into reading socks but there are some sellers out there who deal in thick and fine fabric of socks which allows the reader to sit, relax and enjoy their reading session. Whenever they will be curled up with their favourite book during the chilly weather they will think of you and feel grateful for your thoughtful gift idea as well.

So these are some of the gift ideas that you can order from an online cake store and they will work the best for the friend whom you want to give gifts to other than books.