commercial building inspector

It is very essential to know that inspection is not a term just used for a home inspection. They are majorly of two types i.e. residential inspection and commercial inspection. As we already know that residential inspections are very important to be conducted regularly in order to keep the residents safe who are spending the major time of their life inside their house hence hazards present in their house can turn out to be a danger for their health as well as a problem for the structure of the house. Similarly, commercial inspection is also very important as we may not realize it but many people among us who are working full time jobs sometimes spend more time in their offices than their own houses which brings our attention to a point that the factors that are a danger to us in our houses can also affect us in our offices as well because the main point which makes them affect us is that the injurious factors are present in the atmosphere around us and can be a major setback for our health if proper attention is not given to it. 

We know almost everything about a home or residential inspection, all thanks to this blog but we should know this very important point as well that commercial inspection is somewhat similar but actually is a very different thing from a residential inspection and there are many reasons behind it that make it distinguishable from the latter one. 

As both types of inspections are very different, the type of inspectors that will be dealing with them should also be different in a sense that a commercial area is generally bigger than a residential one hence the commercial building inspector should be an expert in dealing with larger areas. Similarly, in a commercial building, the inspection is not based on the tests conducted on a kitchen or washroom etc but they are on a bigger level. Commercial buildings can be of many types and their area can go up to any level starting from five units and then there are many other structures that are connected to a commercial building which are usually not present in a residential one. To tackle all that, people are often concerned about finding the right person who would do the job for you. People often take the help of the internet and try searching words like commercial property inspection near me in order to find a suitable commercial inspector with all the qualifications and certifications that will fulfill the criteria and help them in finding and then listing down the best options for them. At this point, we would suggest that for such a bigger level of job, because this is of common knowledge that a commercial inspection costs a lot more than a residential one because reason number one is the difference between the areas and the second one is the difference of the structure and other things. Now that all the basic information about the differences between a residential and commercial inspection is listed down and it is noted that a commercial inspection needs a more expert commercial inspector who will perform the job for you properly. The commercial inspector who fulfills all the requirements for this will come, visit your commercial building and analyze it. A special report will be prepared after observing the condition of the roof, structure, drainage, foundation, plumbing, central air conditioning system, heating system, walls, visible insulation, doors and windows. The report will also include the reviewing of documents, in which building plans, appraisals, certificates of occupancy, evacuation plans, construction permits, citations, fire system safety records, environmental studies, floor plan and records and surveys of maintenance. 

Also one of the major differences between a residential inspector and a commercial building inspector is that the building code inspector enforces local building codes for the places they are inspecting. They not only inspect the place for possible issues that may be affecting the health of the people working in that vicinity but they are also concerned about the fact that the building is not violating any local city codes that are applied on all the commercial buildings. His main work will include verification in compliance with the minimum safety standards as per the adopted codes. Along with that a report will also be dedicated to check if there is any fault present in the structure like rising damp, faulty roofs, damp walls etc and how or if they can be repaired. Several air quality tests are also included in order to know if the air is safe for people to breath in and the place is not a hazard in terms of health or in terms of safety of the place where the lives of many people are at stake as they are majorly spending their days there.