Radon testing inspection Gaithersburg MD

What are the harms of radon and how to get rid of it?

If you are a resident of Gaithersburg MD, you must have come across a few rumors regarding radon and the effects it is having over the houses here as many people are now talking about this issue very vigorously.

What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas found on earth and trace amounts of radon are present in the air that we breathe in. It is released in the air due to the decomposition of uranium and this proves that it is a naturally occurring gas that is inert, has no smell, and has no color.

Why is radon harmful?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer as smoking is the first one. So for non-smokers, it has proven to be lethal if they are exposed to high amounts of gas for a longer period.

How are we exposed to radon?

Radon gas has a strong tendency to get entrapped in closed spaces hence houses with no proper ventilation systems have high values of radon.

How does radon enter a house?

As it is present in trace amounts in the air outside, the gas enters the house through doors, windows, cracks in the walls or floor ( they enter through the soil in the earth), and due to poor ventilation, they can stay there and accumulate. Spaces like basements of the house have higher chances of accumulation of radon.

Does good ventilation help in reducing radon levels?

Yes! Good ventilation helps but in initial cases. You can get the low levels of radon eliminated through the house but if the levels of radon present in your house are above safe levels, then radon mitigation is a must to get rid of this lethal gas.

How do we test the levels of radon?

There are many ways through which the levels of radon inside your house can be detected. There are many DIY kits present in the market that will help you in taking radon tests and know the levels of radon. There are other options available too which are more reliable.

What are radon testing methods?

Radon tests are divided into two types. One is a long-term test and one is a short-term one. The short term takes around two days and the long term one takes up to 90 days.

What is the safe level of radon?

Radon is measured in the unit Picocuries per liter and according to Environment Protection Agency, if your house has more than 4pCi/l, then it is time to get your house mitigated to get rid of excess amount of radon as it is not safe for you and your family to breath in such air.

What is radon mitigation?

It is a process in which the excess amount of radon is eliminated from your house through various equipment. It completely depends upon the structure of your house which will determine which apparatus is appropriate for your house to help in decreasing the elevated levels of radon. 

Some people go for DIY kits in the market available to conduct radon tests at home but this method is not recommended as people do not have the required expertise hence they might not be accurate while testing and expose themselves to high levels of radon thinking it’s safe.

A detailed test done through proper equipment conducted by an experienced and professional home inspector is what ensures 100% accurate results.

Radon testing inspection Gaithersburg MD is something people are going for a lot these days due to the increased awareness and people are always looking around for the best home inspection companies and best home inspectors who will conduct these tests accurately for them at the right cost and they will not be disappointed in the end. 

How to find a good home inspector?

The best way to find a good home inspector for your house is to find a reputable home inspection company that has good reviews.

Is positive word of mouth reliable?

Absolutely yes! If you know the people closely who are recommending the company or home inspector to you and have no hidden benefit in it. They are just trying for you to have a good experience just like they did. After researching properly over the internet, finding top companies that are providing good home inspection services, comparing their reviews, and then finally a positive word of mouth as a cherry on top will help you in finding the best Home inspectors Gaithersburg MD has!

What steps should be followed once the inspector is selected?

It is always recommended to have a brief interview with your home inspector before he conducts the complete process.

What should be included in the interview?

If you are on call with the correspondent home inspector or even if you are meeting them personally, always ask about their experience and the certifications they have regarding the home inspecting experience.

You should always ask them about their paid home inspection jobs where their customers were completely satisfied with the services they got and were willing to recommend them to other people as well.

This way, you can also make some reference calls to know how their experience was with them.

What to do during a home inspection?

When the home inspector is starting the home inspection process, you have to be there with them to be familiarized with the whole process and know different components of your house which will ensure future precautions as well when you notice something unusual happening.

Once the home inspection is completed, always ask when you will get the report.

Many home inspection companies offer different warranties for you to be satisfied with the services even after they have been completed.

This way you can keep a check if something goes wrong, then you can always have someone to call as your investment is secure with a good home inspection company!

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