Fire extinguisher kinds: How to choose the right class

Fire Fighting equipments in Dubai

Here we discuss about different types fire extinguisher Fire Fighting equipments in Dubai.

Water fire extinguishers

Water extinguishers are most effective appropriate for Class A fires which include paper, wood, straw, coal, rubber, strong plastics and smooth furnishings. They are the simplest, most common, and least high-priced sort of extinguisher. Some have an additive to make the water more powerful and decrease the desired length and weight of the extinguisher – those are a little greater high-priced.

Water extinguishers are the very best to keep range and the least risky, in view that the most effective include water. They cool the fire by soaking it and the substances with water. This extinguishes the flames, absorbing warmness from burning objects.

They are frequently located in shops, places of work, retail premises, schools, hotels, warehouses and home premises. They can also additionally have spray or jet nozzles and are commonly capable of positioned out a fire completely. A disadvantage is they can’t be used on burning fats or oil (Class F), burning metals (Class D), burning drinks (Class B) or electric equipment fires.

Water mist extinguishers

The newest kind of extinguisher. These very powerful, however smaller, gadgets exude an ultra-excellent mist of microscopic ‘dry’ demineralised water particles. They are secure and powerful to apply on Class A, B, C and F fires, making it pointless to deliver multiple sorts of extinguishers on maximum premises. Some also are appropriate to be used on electric fires on the system up to 1,000 Volts, together with computer systems and printers.

They paintings via way of means of cooling the fire and decreasing the oxygen deliver. These gadgets are in all likelihood to update moist chemical extinguishers for the extinction of deep fats fryer fires, and depart no residue or collateral damage. Like water extinguishers, they’re recyclable and do now no longer include any chemicals. However, they can’t be used on Class D fires (metals).

Water spray fire extinguishers

Available in 3 and 6 litres water spray fire extinguishers are appropriate to fires regarding natural strong substances together with wood, cloth, paper, plastics or coal. Use on burning fats or oil or on electric home equipment is a big no-no.

Use entails pointing the jet at the base of the flames and shifting it continuously and regularly throughout the hearthplace till extinguished.

A jet nozzle is eschewed in favour of a spray nozzle, which creates a first-rate spray courtesy of the better pressure. Hitting a broader floor vicinity extracts warmness greater rapidly. Surfactants may be brought to assist the water to penetrate in addition to burning material.

Foam extinguishers

The foam smothers the fire in solids and liquids (Class A and B), however now no longer in burning fat or cooking oils (Class F). They may be used on a few electric fires in the event that they were examined and if fired from 1 metre away. 

Dry powder extinguishers

These are appropriate for preventing burning solids, liquids and gases (Class A, B and C fires). Specialist powder extinguishers are designed to tackle kind D fires regarding flammable metals together with lithium, magnesium, or aluminium.

They paintings through the powder forming a crust that smothers the fire and stops it from spreading.

Disadvantages are that the powder does not soak into substances and does now no longer have a powerful cooling impact on the fire, which can bring about the fire reigniting. The powder is hazardous if inhaled so that it ought to be utilized in well-ventilated areas and aren’t appropriate for places of work and home premises. The powder damages soft furnishings, machinery, etc, and desires a lot of cleaning up after use. They can’t be used on-chip pan fires (Class F).

CO2 extinguishers

These include the most effective pressurised carbon dioxide fuel line and consequently depart no residue. They are appropriate to be used on fires regarding burning liquids (Class B), and electric fires, together with of massive laptop system, so are sensible in places of work. CO2 works through suffocating the hearthplace and does now no longer purpose harm to the electric objects or purpose the gadget to brief circuit.

However, CO2 extinguishers get very cold at some point of discharge, and people that aren’t outfitted with double-lined, frost-free swivel horns can also additionally purpose hands to freeze to the horn at some point of deployment. They can asphyxiate in limited spaces, and they’re now no longer suitable for deep fats fryers because the sturdy jet from the extinguisher can bring the burning fats out of the fryer. Fires can speedy re-ignite as soon as the CO2 has dissipated into the atmosphere so that they do not provide post-fire security.

CO2 extinguishers are quite expensive. 

Wet chemical extinguishers

These are the most effective extinguishers other than water mist appropriate for Class F fires (fat and cooking oils) and are in particular used in kitchens with deep fat fryers. They also can be used on Class A and a few may be used on Class B fires. They encompass a pressurised answer of alkali salts in water, which, when operated, creates a first-rate mist, cooling the flames and preventing splashing.

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