Mobile Casino Games That Will Rule The Upcoming 2022

With these current and forthcoming smartphone game releases, brace your thumbs for some of the finest mobile gaming action you’ve ever encountered. There’s no shortage of interesting and thrilling games coming to your mobile, from fast-paced action games to gorgeous strategy games, as well as some brand new and upcoming online casino in UK that will keep you engaged for hours.

Let’s take a look at some of the best forthcoming casino games titles to keep an eye on, as well as some fresh releases that you should be playing right now.


A gamer with purple lights smiling and playing mobile games. Deadmau5 is a lovely game developed for music-loving online slot fans, offered to you by online casino game industry giant Microgaming. The game has a wonderful electronic music theme and graphically will remind you of partying in nightclubs. It is based on the Canadian music producer Deadmau5.

There is no shortage of opportunities to win in this fun and entertaining casino slot game, which features a 53-reel style and 243 paylines, as well as a maximum payoff of 2,100x your investment! Free spins, bonus rounds, rolling reels, and a slew of other features will keep you nodding along to the music while you spin, no matter where you are.

Alex Legends Mobile

EA and Respawn Entertainment have finally decided to bring the highly popular and exciting game Apex Legends to mobile after dominating the battle royale genre on PC and consoles. As you fight to outthink, outgun, and outlast the other units in a constantly diminishing battlefield until yours is the last squad standing, your heart will race.

Apex Legends Mobile will be accessible for iOS and Android, although no release date has been set. Keep a watch out for this game when it comes available on mobile, and claim your title as champion by annihilating the opposition.

Diablo Immortal

A gaming industry legend has published a book. Diablo Immortal, from Blizzard Entertainment, joins the ranks of one of the most popular and adored game franchises. Blizzard has teamed up with NetEase Games to bring this hack-and-slash MMOARPG (massively multiplayer online action role-playing game) to your mobile devices, allowing you and your pals to battle the inhabitants of hell while on the go.

In this epic action game for mobile, you’ll battle fierce demons and creatures of hell, raid dungeons, and improve your character’s strength. You and your buddies will have the chance to slay the Lord of Terror later this year, with the game set to be released in 2021.


Cubes is a novel and innovative approach to online slots that sets it different from other casino slot games – so much so that there are no reels in the game! A casino slot game without any reels may appear strange at first (especially if you’re used to regular mobile slots), but the way its creator, Hacksaw Gaming, has integrated the gameplay mechanics demonstrates that you don’t have to follow rules to build a superb mobile slot.

Instead of reels with symbols, there is a 55-cube arrangement, and when you press the “spin” button, the cubes leap from the floor and land on a platform, each changing colour – no symbols, just different colours. You win if you can create clusters of 5 or more cubes of the same hue. It’s that simple. Look for free spins, bonus rounds, and the uncommon Color Blast feature, which pays out 2,500 times your wager if you get a cluster of 70 cubes in free spin mode.

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