Trading Strategies To Control Emotions

Having a great trading plan is key to avoid unnecessary decisions and not let emotions take over when you trade forex. Having no plan is basically a negative outcome waiting to happen. There are a lot of strategies that a trader can use to help reach their profit goals. Every trader has their own style, the important thing is having a systematic action based on a plan rather than based on pure luck.

Here are five strategies to help control emotions:

Make Rules

Set rules to follow based on possible outcomes that may happen in trading. When to take profit, when to cut losses, when to enter a trade, and when to take a break are just some of the scenarios that should be included in a trading plan.

Trade in the Correct Market Conditions

Never force yourself to trade. If certain conditions are not ideal, don’t be tempted to enter a trade. When you can’t spot a good trade just take a break rather than entering a trade and increasing your risks of losing money.

Decrease Trading Size

When we trade forex, having some losses affects our emotions. The bigger the loss, the more we let our emotions take over. One way to avoid this is by lowering your trading size. Less risk simply means less anger in case the market is not on our side.

Losing $100 for example is better than losing $10,000. It is both a loss, but lowering the trading makes it easier to recover the losses when the market returns in our favor. Don’t get tempted to recover it quickly. Stick to your trading plan and live another trading day.

Make a Trading Plan To Follow

As previously mentioned, a trading plan is very important. It serves as a guide or a road map to your financial forex success. However, making a plan is just one step. A trader should have the skillset to strictly follow the strategy in order to execute actions that are necessary to whatever scenario might happen along the trading process. This will avoid triggering emotions that may result in actions that are not necessary. As a guide, your trading plan will lead you back to the right path of financial success whenever you are lost and start questioning what the next step should be.


The financial market is already complex, you don’t need additional stress that messes up your decisions. If ever you are stressed for whatever reason, take a break, don’t trade, and come back when you have a clear mind.

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