Why Television advertisements are considered effective for audience?

Technology is all over the place, and with several devices invented, it has helped mankind make their lives convenient. Television has been one of the major inventions of technology and is considered to be one of the best sources of entertainment.

Every year over 15,000 commercial television stations are broadcasting globally. It is an efficient way to send your message across. 

But with several advantages, there are few disadvantages too that can be resolved with effective use. Television advertising can be a great influence on people.

The influential television

Television has seen some real ups and downs from the past few years, and there has been a shift in TV preferences. Previously, the TV advertisements were not considered as an important aspect, but gradually, it has become an essential part of the Television industry.

Many advertisement makers borrow online loans on the same day to get their ad broadcast on TV. If their advertisement gives them good returns, they are in a profitable situation. The average time of TV commercials has considerably increased over the past few years.

Advantages of Television Advertising

1. It offers trust to its consumers

According to a report by an advertising agency, 65% of the people when watching TV advertisements believe it. The most lucrative groups for TV advertisements are the millennials. 

In this age group, 3 out of 4 people trust the advertisements they watch. Along with the millennials, 49% of the people belonging to the age group of 65+ age too believe the television ads.

2. The screen time for television has increased considerably.

Currently, the number of people watching TV has increased considerably. Almost 90% of the people watch TV, and per hour viewing is almost 5 hours per week. Different age groups have different screen times, such as people aged 35 to 49 have around 29 hours per week.

 The small age group, including kids and toddlers, has an average viewing time of 50 hours per week. Every age group has a significant amount of viewing time. Putting your advertisements on TV is very helpful as it will reach the right age group and in the right way.

3. It is a good way to reach the target audience.

There are some of the shows that have the highest viewing time. If you manage to broadcast your advertisements during that time, you can get a good response.

Many people might multi-task while watching TV but are attentive towards the advertisements being circulated.  Hence, it has become a powerful tool to reach the right audience.

In the UK, many ad-makers face financial constraints. For such makers, there are online loans for bad credit no guarantor available. These loans need no guarantor and are easy to borrow. Once an ad maker borrows a loan, they can work on innovative ways of ad creation and present it to their audience.

4. Many ways to broadcast the advertisement

TV has multiple ways to broadcast an advertisement. Unlike other mediums, TV has a creative side that helps its audience to stay glued to it. You can see the message and hear it too.

The audiovisual combination helps the audience get attracted and memorize the advertisements for a longer time. When people remember your advertisements, the chances of conversion increase, and people tend to come back to your products.

5. You do not miss your cake. You get it, and you eat it.

Many people choose specific programs for their advertisements to be telecasted. If specifically, you purchase for that program, some specific impressions are guaranteed.

On the contrary, if you broadcast your program online, you only can purchase demographics that may lead to lesser results. While there on TV, you can purchase demographics too.

6. Not much of viewing time for Cord cutters

These days the companies should not worry about the people watching less TV. Most of the cord-cutters are not watching TV anyway. Most of the cord-cutters watch less TV and watch more of their smartphones and online streaming.    

They almost watch 110 minutes of streaming TV on their tablet on an average per week. With television advertisements, you can still reach your decided target easily.

7. You can create your brand personality through creative television advertisements.

You may remember the advertisements that you viewed almost 30 years back. If you look at the advertisements that have been broadcasted in the past, you can see that they have a different impact on the minds of people.

Some advertisements take the route of humour and laughter, while others send a social message across. The main motto is to create an impression on the minds of the people and increase the conversion rate.

Do not be specific in your approach. You can be creative and work on the aspect that appeals to your target audience. If your ad reaches the minds of the customers, it cannot be forgotten for a lifetime.


You can consider these advantages of television advertising to change your advertisements as per the customer’s preferences. There has been a significant change in the strategy of the advertisement makers from the past few years.

Many research agencies carried out various researches that depict a sharp increase in the viewing time. This is because of the changed strategy of the makers keeping in mind their audience. As an advertisement maker, it is very important to understand your customers to send your message across the right way. Once your message reaches the right audience and in the right way, it can increase the conversion rate quickly.

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