Right way for selecting the custom candle boxes

Process of creating the correct candle box packaging 

It is a common fact that the candle are life of all type of decorations although these candles are used at the funerals. The purpose of the candles use are not same every time. So, you need to pack the candles as per their need. Just assume a person come to buy the candle for the funeral event and you present the funky candles packaging. It impact so bad on the customers. So, you need to pack the candles as per their purposes. In this context the custom candle boxes are highly required. 

All about the material for the custom candle boxes:

Materials play an integral part in making a box. Moreover, it can increase the reputation of your brand. The most common materials that are used for packaging boxes are Kraft, Cardboard, paperboard, and plastic. 

Cardboard material for the custom candle boxes:

While all of the above-mentioned ones are strong, not all of them are eco-friendly. For instance, cardboard is the most used material. However, it is very harmful to the environment. It has a less recyclable factor as compared to others. Similarly, paperboard is environmentally-friendly and lightweight. But it is not good for heavier products. The same goes for other materials. Each of them has its merits and demerits. 

Eco-friendly material for the candle boxes:

It is recommended to choose the material of the box according to the product. It ensures safety and security. Choosing an eco-friendly element is a wise move in this time of global warming. Also, it helps you increase the credibility of your brand. Since the shipping charges are all about weight, it is also important to consider a material that weighs less.

Unique shapes for attractiveness:

Almost all brands you can think of deliver products in a square or rectangular box. However, that trend has slowly started to end. These conventional shapes look outdated now. 

Various shaping dimensions for the candle boxes:

Brands are now starting to realize the importance of the shape of a box. This was an overlooked aspect over the last few years. Packaging of unusual shapes is now being introduced. These shapes are unlike the basic shapes circle, square, rectangle, etc. Instead, the new shapes are derived from them. 

Creative shapes and their importance:

Moreover, brands take inspiration from the products to choose the shape. Some shapes even make use of the item in one way or another. Not only does it look cool, but it is also something the market has never witnessed before. So, if you want to take your packaging game to the next level, it is quite easy. Use custom candle packaging that is made of unique shapes and fits the aesthetics of the candle product.

Stepping Up the ‘Simple’ Game

Most brands go for the simple packaging option. And, why not? It is less complicated and it costs less too. While you may be right, the audience does not really appreciate simple boxes. This is because it looks boring. The shopping experience with your brand would not be very memorable either. 

Use cardstock to stay simple:

However, you can still keep it simple with a few customizations. Plain Cardboard boxes are dull-looking, but they can be made better. You can add some designs, text, colors, to make them look way better, while still keeping it simple. You do not need to spend a fortune on it. Look for single colors that would look good on the box and also fit the product inside. This way, you can even make simple boxes look appealing to the larger audience. 

Simple colors look attractive:

Some easy steps you can take are to choose one light or dark color. Make sure that it looks good with your brand’s theme. Secondly, add some text to the box. It can be the logo or the tagline of your business. 

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