Pros and cons of homeschooling standards.

“The idea of education should be able to learn something according to your schedule and not someone else’s”

More and more parents are homeschooling their children, with the falling standards of regular education institutions. But then what standards have parents set for their children at home. Can someone turn their home into a classroom? Many people believe that the discipline you get from a regular class cannot be matched while homeschooling.

But others have the opinion that studying at home provides a safe environment for students that increase productivity levels. But who is to say which method is a better option for students.

It is not like there are experiments that you can perform to know which method produces a brighter future for students. But you can look at the facts. What benefits and detriments do homeschooling have? Let us solve this issue with a pros and cons list, shall we?

Pros of homeschooling

There are obvious homeschooling benefits that cannot be ignored. You get the ideal environment to control your child’s curriculum. But there is more than what meets the eye.

1.   Study multiple languages:

Regular schools have limited language classes. They provide a second language subject, but that is about it. If a student wants to learn more than one language, they have to take special classes outside their school timings. This negates the idea of schooling, an educational institution should provide students with subjects they want to study.

With homeschooling, the students can pretty much choose the languages they want to study. From online videos to bilingual parents. There are more opportunities for students to learn multiple languages.

2.   Flexible schedule:

The 7 hours students spend in a classroom drains a student’s creativity and decreases productivity levels. There have been studies that say that the schooling hours need to be decreased and the quality of the hours should be increased.

Homeschooling provides the luxury of time. You decide your schedule. You can learn at your own pace. Somedays when you do not feel productive you can take a break. You don’t have to look for services such as take my online class for me since you get to manage your schedule.

3.   Monitor progress closely:

Parents can focus on their child’s progress closely, their attention is not divided. A regular classroom has about 40 students that are just waiting for their turn to get attention. But when you are the only one in your classroom then you receive the undivided attention that is required to learn better.

4.   The capacity of the glass:

You can only fill a cup according to its size. In the same way, a student can only absorb information according to their capacity. Not every student is the same. Some are fast at learning and some are slow. Some like to get deeper into the basic concepts while others prefer to learn without knowing.

In a regular classroom, every student is treated the same. The pace is the same for everyone. Fortunately, homeschooling stands against such practices. The student studies according to their pace and capacity.

Cons of homeschooling

Unfortunately, homeschooling has its cons as well. There are not a lot of them though. Few issues can be resolved with better planning.

1.   Little to no social life

You make friends when you enter schooling years and some of these friendships stay for life. Educational institutions are a great place for networking. When you are a student who has been homeschooled for most of your teens, you have little to social life.

2.   Class discipline

The discipline you have in your class cannot be copied at home. Since your parents are teachers, you can find it difficult to differentiate your emotions from the professional setting.

Thoughts to reflect on

To each to its own. Parents who believe that they build an environment that helps their students become overachievers then there should be no reason why they don’t homeschool their children. But if they think they cannot keep up with the schedule then they can have their children enrolled in a school that does that for them.

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