What is more than love in a relationship?

Lack of love, care, respect encourages you towards doing a loyalty test investigation to your partner. If you are looking for a happy, long-term relationship then you must be clear in your mind that your only one must have some qualities in his nature. Every relation runs smoothly, having trust, faithfulness, commitment, love and much more is loyalty in it.

Loyalty is a key for every happy relationship. If your partner is loyal to you, ultimately he will love you, respect you, care for you and do many sorts of things to make you feel special. No one wants to undertake a loyalty test on their partner. But you should make sure yourself if you sense any type of change in his behaviour till it is too late.

Being Honest

Honesty is the policy for every long term relationship. Honesty builds trust between the two of you. Whatever the situation is, he must be honest to you and that helps in building a strong bond in your relationship. Setting up trust is not a one day process, it takes time to happen. So my friend, be patient and give efforts for being loyal and setting up this trust in between both of you. Believe me this will give a different shape to your relationship.

A Sense of deep respect

Respect is the most important thing a person looks for. Whatever he does in his life, he does it for respect. Right? By thinking this, anyone can estimate how much being respected in a relationship is important. If he loves you spontaneously he will respect you. Respect increasingly shows your value in a relationship. Your partner can show his respect by respecting your thoughts, by listening to you carefully. Respect is all about admiring each other’s differences.

Your Independence in a Relationship

Your thoughts, your life, your career is also as much important for you. No one wants to get dominated by anyone, especially not by the one to whom they love the most. A long term relationship must have the freedom of independence in it.

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Feeling safe and secure around each other

If you feel safe and secure around your partner then this is what we call a happy relationship. In a relationship of love, feeling comfortable is a sign of true emotion to one another. True emotions live forever. It is not like the fake relationship that ended sooner because it becomes toxic to live in such a relationship where you do not feel safe.

Genuinely Liking to each other

True emotion vibes differently. Having genuine feelings for one another will take your relationship to the next level. Being genuine to your partner will never let you look at others.

It will enhance your understanding ability that encourages you to form a strong bond. 


The factors are the major signs of a happy and true relationship. But sometimes things never go just like we want, most of the time without any intent people go astray. You need to observe these senses and take some steps to get rid of this situation.

Behaviour change is a common factor to observe that something has gone wrong. You can investigate it by yourself or can take help from many Private Detective Agency. These agencies are having professionals who do loyalty test investigation to your partner and reveal the truth to you. 

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