Facebook’s terrible week: the chart of the week

After the colossal blackout that paralyzed the Menlo Park ecosystem, Facebook shares found themselves facing the frontal attack of Frances Haugen, former product manager of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

If ever there was a need, the blackout that affected Facebook’s platforms on Monday reminded us of the enormous weight gained by Mark Zuckerberg’s ecosystem .

The block has affected the myriad of users, about 2.75 billion , who use the Facebook-Whatsapp-Instagram triptych and the companies that use these social networks to promote themselves and work.

Putting aside the numerous and imaginative theories that did not take long to spread (not via Facebook, however), the cause of the blackout would seem to be sought in human errors related to some internal configurations of the system .

Combined Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram users. Source: Bloomberg

Facebook: Haugen, users’ most important profits

A week that began with a block of this magnitude did not bode well. Not surprisingly, the statements of Frances Haugen, former Facebook product manager, came very close .

“When it became clear that smoking is harmful , the government intervened. When it became clear that seat belts save lives, the government forced manufacturers to fit them. Same with opioids , politics intervened when it became evident that they are addictive, ”Haugen said during his testimony in the Washington Senate.

In the same way, continued the former manager, “I beg you to intervene in the face of the social damage caused by Facebook “.

Facebook, Haugen said, is aware of the harm to users but the logic of profit overrides any other ethical considerations .

“I have seen conflicts between Facebook profits and user safety several times […] and these have been systematically resolved in favor of profits .”

Facebook actions. Source: TeleTrader

Facebook shares pay pledge

Above $ 380 a month ago, Facebook stock prices dropped to $ 320 earlier this week .

Before the start of trading in the last session of the week, Facebook shares recorded a weekly balance of -3.33% while the monthly figure marks a -12.2% .

On the other hand, the figure for 2021 (+ 21.1%) and the annual figure (+ 25.7%) are positive .

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