Johnson unveils the new post-Brexit UK

Johnson sees a future of great opportunities for the UK economy .

The nation is preparing to enter the new post-Brexit era with confidence and optimism, according to the premier.

There is no hint of frustration over the country’s current severe crisis, pressured by record energy prices , rising inflation , severe labor shortages, collapsing industries and empty shelves. Not even trade weakened by the burdens of post-Brexit bureaucracy, the dispute over the rights of fishing in the Channel and the volatility of the pound of recent times.

At the Conservative Party conference, Johnson actually ushered in the UK’s new course. Let’s see what the premier said about the future of the British economy .

The UK economy according to Johnson

Boris Johnson set out the highlights of the great economic turnaround that will transform the UK.

The uk nation has embarked on a new path that will head towards goals other than those achieved so far and will do so with courage, even if there will be difficult times: this is the synthesis of Johnson’s optimism.

The reference, albeit veiled, is to the current and profound criticalities that the country is going through, the result of unpredictable international factors, but also of the UK’s own vulnerabilities.

Unavailable labor , stalled production and high prices are only passing events caused by a shock therapy to the economic system and its structural weaknesses that was necessary.

Thanks also to Brexit, wanted by the population, another type of growth will support the UK, with ” higher wages , more skills, higher productivity and lower taxes .”

The world of industry and business in general will no longer have to find the excuse of available low-wage labor from the EU to discourage investment in staff.

On the other hand, Johnson , pressured by the shortage of truckers these days, has often repeated that the sector has not invested enough in innovation, improvement of working conditions, professional training.

The premier, therefore, claimed the choices made so far, divorce from the EU in the first place. Just Brexit will allow the nation to gain the autonomy to strike up new business relationships in the world, with an ever lit lighthouse on the relationship with the US.

Science, innovation and capitalism: Johnson’s pillars

The new direction of the United Kingdom will also be marked by the struggle against inequality and efforts to improve the living conditions of all.

Like? Johnson’s recipe rests on three pillars: science , innovation and capitalism . The latter, according to the premier, saved the nation in the grip of the pandemic with vaccines:

” Capitalism gave us the vaccine, created by the private sector, and the vaccine saved our open society and our free market economy.”

In what seemed to some political analysts like a speech with no real content, Johnson nevertheless clarified at least two aspects of his economic vision of the country: optimism and capitalism.


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