Is there a mouse in the house?

Mouse Traps: The safest traps for catching mice in homes are spring traps that snap shut and are activated by squeezing the back.

What is MIP?

Integrated pest management (IPM) uses information about the pest to choose the safest and most effective control methods for health. IPM methods first use methods such as pest prevention, exclusion and use of non-chemical tools. In the case that pesticides are needed, those that have a lower risk to human health are chosen. With IPM, you first ask yourself: \ u201c Why is the pest here? \ U201d and then try to eliminate the conditions that allow the pest to enter and live in your home. This approach fixes the pest problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

Why use MIP for mouse control?

  • More likely to provide long-term control
  • It is less dangerous for human health
  • It is less toxic to organisms that you do not want to control
  • It has a better cost-effectiveness ratio
  • It is more appropriate for each place

Rodents trigger asthma

Rodents, like mice and rats, are pests when they invade our homes. Once inside, mice and rats can contribute to an asthma attack. In fact, research is underway to determine if these pests can actually cause asthma to develop. Rodents lose hair and produce waste products that can trigger attacks if someone with asthma inhales them. All of these allergens can remain active in a home for six months.

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