How To Make An Electric Rat Trap

An electric rat trap is a device that attracts rodents and kills them by electrocution. Two metal plates or two pieces connected to an electrical source, such as a battery for example, are used to kill them when both pieces are touched. ace. Constructing a rat trap of this type in your home is not an easy task, since what impl ies to cables and electricity. Unless you are like that. a qualified electrical engineer engineer, I will be! a muc option “or better to buy one that” do it on your own. Difficulty level: Easy Other people are reading You will need Two metal plates Two 2-square-foot pieces of wood One 1-square-foot piece of wood One battery Cables One welding kit One plastic or wooden box Minimize Instructions 1 # Attach a metal plate or a piece of pipe to a piece of wood or other material that is not electrically conductive. This will form the back wall of the trap. If you use a tube, you can place the bait from the trap inside it. Dry cat or dog food is often the best bait to use. 2 $ Make the floor of the trap by placing a metal plate on one of the two-foot-long non-conductive boards. Leave at least a 2-inch edge on the board without covering it with metal  attach that edge to the back wall piece. t rasera. You will want to leave enough space between the metal pieces for the rat’s body to touch both pieces at the same time, but if the bait is on the ground, it will not connect both pieces. ! % “connects the metal plates to a battery # a of $ or% 2! Olt. One of them must be connected with a wire to the positive pole  the other to the negative pole. You must solder the wires to the pieces of metal, this being the most difficult task of the construction. ( A battery must give an electrical charge to everything that touches both pieces of metal at the same time. ” & “onstrueo is looking for a box to place inside the electric trap. It should be large enough so that the trap will fit completely, which will help larger rodents find their way until they reach the back  be electrocuted. * lso should be as estrec) to rats to pass through it by touching the metal floor. # ‘ “orta the bottom wall of the box so it can be removed easily replaced . This will facilitate access to the battery # a that you will place between the rear end of the trap  the rear wall of the box. Thus #, you can disconnect the cables if necessary to deactivate the trap  change the battery # a, since this is usually necessary every ten rats that) years trapped. Tips and Warnings Always protect against & oma ‘with other insulations when handling cables’ when working with electricity

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