How to find a bathroom fitter

You may have spent years enduring a wet and dirty bathroom, coping with leaky taps and broken tiles, and now you have the opportunity to transform it into the elegant and peaceful space you deserve.

You’ve spent hours looking for ideas and have finally located your ideal suite, excellent fittings, and all the necessary accessories. The only thing stopping you is getting it fitted.

Having work done on your house can be stressful, but selecting the appropriate tradesperson can be the difference between a smooth ride and tearing your hair out. The people at are passionate about assisting homeowners in finding the greatest tradespeople, and they know a thing or two about how to discover a decent bathroom fitter. Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you work to make your dream bathroom a reality.

1. Do your homework.

You’ve certainly daydreamed about the kind of suite you want for weeks, and you’ve definitely spent sleepless nights trying to settle on a colour scheme—duck egg or cornflower blue? After all that time and consideration, the last thing you want to do is jeopardise everything by hiring a bathroom fitter on the spur of the moment.

Unlike in the past, when you might have searched through a directory or hoped that a friend could recommend a trustworthy tradesman, you now have a plethora of options for researching potential craftsmen. Check each tradesman’s carrick bathrooms ayr reviews ( from previous clients to discover what other homeowners had to say about them. When you meet with potential craftsmen, don’t be afraid to inquire about their experience or ask to see photos of their previous work. Many tradespeople can put you in touch with previous clients so you may ask them questions about their work.

2. Make sure they’re conversant with your line of work.

Bathroom renovations can range from a simple replacement of units to a complete overhaul that removes everything and reshapes the space. Whatever the complexity of your project, you must ensure that the fitter you select is capable of completing it and has experience with similar projects. If the job requires electrical work, such as adding a new circuit or installing a power shower, they must be a certified electrician who can self-certify their work, or they must be able to recommend someone who can.

3. Obtain all-inclusive prices.

When installing a new bathroom, like with many larger projects, it’s a good idea to acquire bids from at least three professionals. It’s critical to compare quotations that include everything: all labour, any supplies they’ll give, subcontracting if necessary—even expenditures like removing and disposing of the old bath and basin, if that’s part of the job. To give an accurate price, the tradesmen should have seen the task in person. While it is normal to want to save money whenever possible, keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best, and that experience and reliability are the most important things to consider.

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