Which is Better Govt or Private College for MBA Admission

Master in business administration is one of the most prestigious degrees. M.B.A. degree provides the graduate with an opportunity to learn and grow their academic skills as well as personality as a whole.

Govt or private Colleges for MBA

M.B.A. is a two-year full-time degree programme that focuses on many fields of business administration such as human resources, accounting and economics, sales and marketing, communication, business laws and ethics.

M.B.A. Postgraduates can expect a career in various fields such as business analyst or strategist, business development associate, managerial roles, market research analyst, investment banker, financial analyst, portfolio manager, entrepreneur and others.
In India, a graduate can opt for either a government MBA Colleges, such as I.I.M. that are funded and run by the Government of India, or private colleges, such as symbiosis, amity etc. that are owned by individuals or groups of individuals. 

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in MBA

Criteria for admission is different for different colleges, but the main admission tests are CAT, WAT, CMAT, GMAT, MAT, ATMA, XAT etc.

One of the biggest questions that arises when an aspirant applies for an M.B.A. degree program is the kind of institute they want to choose to complete their studies. This can make or break their career opportunities for. 

There are plenty of colleges in India that provide M.B.A. degrees, some of the most renowned are the I.I.M., St. Xaviers, Symbiosis, and others.
Government colleges by far hold the position for being one of the top-rated colleges in India when it comes to Business Administration programs. They are the oldest and most renowned, but with advancement in economy and growth in career opportunities for postgraduates of business administration many private colleges are also making their way to the top.

Some of the private colleges hold better rank than new I.I.M’s. 

Hence what are the criteria to decide whether one should choose a government or a private college for their MBA Course.
One of the most important of these criteria is the fee structure. M.B.A is by far one of the most expensive educational pursuits. Government colleges being funded by the government are a bit cheaper than private colleges.

One of the most important aspects of M.B.A. programme is the level of learning and skill development provided by the institutions. Private colleges being under constant competition provide the best opportunity for personality development and skill enhancement.

MBA Admission exams are one of the toughest exams in India, some of the colleges require 99 percentile in admission tests. Here private colleges have an advantage as the level of competition is less in private colleges as compared to government ones.

Private colleges have career-centric learning outcomes, hence it depends on the individual while choosing the right institute, to have an understanding of the kind of education they want from the institution.

When it comes to ranking the colleges on the basis of the level of learning, placement and overall growth, government M.B.A. colleges rank at the top, but very few government colleges hold the top-level ranks. Many private colleges provide the best of opportunities as compared to government ones.

Placement in better companies with better salary packages is one of the most important aspects of an M.B.A. degree. Most of the colleges whether private or government provide good placement, but placement as a whole depends on the aspirant and his or her skill set and personality.

While preparing for the admission test aspirants can weigh the options available on the basis of the following:

  • Placement record of the institution
  • Reviews provided by previous scholars
  • Specialisation offered
  • Learning outcomes
  • Ranking 
  • Fee structure
  • Level of competition

Choice of M.B.A. institute solely depends on the individual aspirant. Many factors play key roles in deciding the best college for an M.B.A. degree. Hence understanding one’s requirements and thorough research can help an aspirant find the best college for the career of their dreams. 

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