How to choose a cage for rats?

With so many different models, it is normal to have doubts when buying. Therefore, we have prepared a guide with useful information so that you know what to choose when buying a quality model. Do not miss it!

The size

The size of the cage is one of the most important aspects. Keep in mind that your new pet will live the rest of his life in this enclosure, so you have to try to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

It is best to choose the largest size possible, as long as you have space at home to place it. While male rats prefer more floor space, female rats like height so they can climb as high as they want.

With a large cage, you can add more toys and accessories to keep her entertained. However, you can opt for a smaller cage to house the young. Keep in mind that you will have to move them once they grow; otherwise, they will not have the proper space they need to move and play.

However, it is cheaper to choose a large cage to be able to adapt to their needs when they grow. Also, among all rodents, rats are the most social, so it would be nice if you adopt at least two rats.

The materials

A good quality cage can be a great initial investment, but you will make sure you are buying a product that guarantees long durability and good conditions for your pet. With proper maintenance, a good quality cage can be used by the next generation of rats.

If you go for a metal cage with plastic components like shelves, ramps, or food containers, make sure these accessories are made of sturdy plastic.

In the same way, the metal will have to be resistant to oxidation. You can opt for a treated metal or PVC cage. Although these finishes are prone to cracking, they still make the cage last much longer.

The accessories

A large cage is the best option, but rats can still get bored easily, which can lead to stress. Therefore, they need many toys, tunnels and stairs to be able to play, learn and exercise.

You can also incorporate some natural and chemical-free branches to make it rise. Natural wood toys and many of the toys designed for parrots are good options for these rodents as well. Incorporate rolls of cardboard or paper so he has something to gnaw on whenever he feels like it.

The options

One of the extra options that you can find in these cages is portability. You never know if you will have to move the cage to another location. Therefore, it may be convenient for you to opt for a model with wheels, especially if it is large so that you can easily push it around the house.


Make sure the door is securely closed and inaccessible. Rats are very intelligent and therefore can easily open a poor quality latch. If the rats can open the door, then the cage will not serve its purpose.

Aside from the latch, it is important to check the gap between the bars. In general, the space depends on the size of the rats. It does not matter if the cage has vertical or horizontal bars. The safest cages for adult rats and large rat breeds have a bar spacing of approximately 1 centimeter.

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