Microblading- Rejuvenate Your Face with the Assistance of This Technology

Along with protecting our eyes, eyebrows provide a frame to our face. While some might have a naturally near-to-perfect frame, others might have to fill in their eyebrows every morning before leaving the house.

Not anymore. This is where Microblading comes in. Microblading in Florida is a technique of drawing and then ingraining hair strokes to fill in the thin eyebrows. Just like each face is different, no two people can have the same micro blading done. Customized according to your skin color and symmetry in mind, it’s done using a hand tool and not any machines or mold, to provide you with natural-looking eyebrows.

To accentuate your beauty and save you time and energy from filling in your brows every morning, Microblading in Florida is at your service.

Potential Reactions

During the initial days, your eyebrows may look bolder. You may feel some itching, bruising but this is all a part of the process to naturally perfect eyebrows. To cure itching and bruising, you can use ice packs. Natural oils will aid new skin to heal over the region and will soften your skin.

The skin begins to flake off and the healing process takes a minimum of four weeks.

It is advised to go for microblading a minimum of 3-4 months before the time you need it- weddings or other occasions- for you to get the best results.

Preparations pre-treatment

While the cream is applied to numb the area, some may experience pain but it lasts for just 15-20 minutes. To minimize the skin sensitivity and hindrance caused during the treatment, here’s a guide for you to follow before going for the treatment-

  • It is advised to stop using anti-acne or anti-aging cream 30 days before taking up the treatment.
  • Alcohol intake 24 hours prior is discouraged as the alcohol tends to thin your blood.
  • In case of sunburn, you must allow it to heal for at least a month before going for microblading.
  • It is advised to not work out a day going in for your procedure.

Cautions Post-treatment

  • Do not let your fingers anywhere around your eyebrows for at least 24 hours.
  • Keep your eyebrows away from wetting for 10 days, as this may cause a burning sensation in the healing cuts.
  • Proper usage of creams as prescribed by the expert
  • No make-up for at least two weeks.

To save yourself worrying about morning sessions of filling in your eyebrows, book a session with Brow up studio in Stuart, Florida. Due to its natural appearance and long-lasting results, Microblading in Florida has been gaining popularity.

To start with any treatment, it is essential to determine the service that best suits you. For this, Brow Up studio renders you with two options-

To go for consultation in-person and find out the best fit for you, or to take an online questionnaire and know if you are eligible for it and the treatment that best suits you.

To rejuvenate your face, book your microblading session with Brow up Studio today.

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