Comfortable and Fits as Expected

I got these joggers to wear while working out and I love them. They’d also look good for just casual everyday wear, especially in winter, bc they’re loose enough to maybe wear some tight pants underneath for warmth. I’m a very short guy (5ft2), so these pants are long on me (I wear a 28 inch inseam), but I expected that. The cuffs at the ankles are tight enough that the pants bunch up a bit at my ankles but do not droop to my feet like other uncuffed lounge pants would, which is exactly what I wanted, since I know these kinds never truly fit my inseam exactly. While working out, they definitely are warm since they are lined with fleece like a hoodie, but they feel great and don’t feel gross while working out. The half cotton helps with these pants being kind of breathable, I think. And, if anything, they keep my joints warm, which is a bonus on leg day! Also, for custom mlb uniforms deadlifting, they’re perfect for keeping the barbell from scraping your shins up if you don’t like how long socks feel (I don’t like knee-highs and only wear them for PL meets). I would definitely recommend these for anyone trying to find good gym clothes or comfy, soft casual joggers. The only thing I wish was that these had at least one back pocket, but that’s not a deal-breaker at all.

These sweatpants are comfortable af after washes, so soft on inside, fits well on outside. Marked a bit small bc although I like the way they fit, if you don’t order a size up the sweats won’t be a bit baggy. they kindof hug your shape. its just different that I expected, but still fits and is better than I thought. A bit tight in the thight, especially if you are curvy because I am not that curvy, just average build & its tight on my thigh!

We like that this has both elastic and a rope tie at the waist; the elastic has just the right amount of “give” and is wide enough that it won’t curl. The set is warm without being too stiff. We got the closed ankle so we wouldn’t have to worry about length, but the length was spot on. These look like they are constructed well and should be long-lasting

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