Cannot Decide Which Refrigerator To Buy? Here’s a Guide to Types of Refrigerators

It is impossible to imagine a home without a refrigerator. Earlier, refrigerators were meant only for the affluent sections of society. However, as time and technology progressed, they have turned into a necessity meant for all. We all are aware of the main functions of a refrigerator, right from helping us keep vegetables and fruits fresh to providing us cool drinking water during the hot summers. These appliances can do it all. Additionally, modern refrigerators can help keep intact the nutrients in our food, thus enabling us to enjoy the best at affordable rates.

A refrigerator has several compartments helpful in keeping food fresh and ready to eat. Refrigerators can maintain a certain degree of the temperature inside, which helps prevent the food from decaying fast. In today’s fast-paced world, it is challenging to go grocery shopping every day. And this is where refrigerators come in. A fridge provides you with fresh vegetables whenever you want. It also helps provide chilled water and beverages whenever you need them. Furthermore, you can keep pre-cooked food items inside it without any fear of spoiling them. These features have made refrigerators an utmost necessity in our lives.

You can purchase a fridge as per the size and capacity you need. There are various options available to buy- 170L fridge or 235L fridge at documented rates.

Markets are flooded with different types of refrigerators, making it more challenging for consumers to find what would suit their needs. However, before you get confused, it is crucial to remember that the buying decision should depend on several factors, including the capacity, technology used, energy consumption, MRP, etc of the refrigerator. To help you make a decision, we have come up with a guide for types of refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerators

  • Direct cool fridges: These types of fridges do not have cooling fans installed to cool the compartments within the refrigerator. Cooling takes place due to natural convection. This feature also makes them highly efficient in saving energy. The main advantages of buying such fridges are – energy efficient, easily affordable, some models come with digital auto defrost features and easy-to-understand features.
  • Frost-free refrigerators: A frost-free refrigerator comes with a modern fan cooling technology, which helps circulate cool air inside the fridge. That helps avoid any ice formation and prevents overcooling of the compartments. Most frost-free fridges come with auto-defrost technology. The main advantage of using these Frost-free refrigerators is that they help maintain a consistent temperature in all compartments.
  • Single-door refrigerators: A single door refrigerator, as the name suggests, has a single door for the freezer and the fridge. These are the most basic types of refrigerators available in the market. The advantages of single door refrigerators are- they are economical, do not take up much floor space, have three departments- freezer, vegetable bin and fridge, value for money service, and have a storage capacity ranging between- 50 to 300 liters.
  • Double door refrigerators: These refrigerators are bigger as compared to single door refrigerators. The advantages of using these are- two separate doors for the fridge and freezer section, bigger, more spacious compartments, and cost-efficient. However, the biggest disadvantage of buying these refrigerators is that they occupy a lot of space in the kitchen.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators– This type of refrigerator has two doors placed side-by-side. They provide a large storage capacity of around 810 litres. They come with water and ice dispensers and provide ample space for storing bigger vessels.

You can make your choice based on the type of refrigerator you require.  It is easier to search for refrigerators online. You can even find the price range and features of different capacities of refrigerators online. Visit the Candy Appliances official website to know the 170-litre fridge price along with its features.

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