LiveCasino Review

Like other live casinos LiveCasino uses a black-and-pink color scheme. The homepage has players’ comments and a brief about us section. There is also a list with all the games, as well as brief explanations of rules. This casino lets you play with real or fake funds. There are however some drawbacks, including its limited acceptance of players from certain countries.

The interface for LiveCasino is simple. The main page displays the games available. Players can log in with a mobile device or with a PC. It’s easy to play and doesn’t need to download anything. It provides a broad selection of games. It’s safe to play on mobile devices, which is important for people with limited internet connection. The end of this page provides details about the promotions.

One of the advantages of playing at LiveCasino is the fact that outcomes are objective. LiveCasino’s results are independent of traditional casinos which are controlled by artificial RNG algorithms. Instead they are based on the actual actions of Croupiers. This feature makes LiveCasino an ideal choice for gamblers who don’t believe in modern gambling software. The experience is similar to that of a land-based casino and works with all devices.

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