Snake crossing the road runs inside car's engine bay

This is the moment a huge snake is pulled from the engine of a car after the reptile climbed inside when the vehicle stopped at traffic lights.

Jess Schmidt and Stuart Mackenzie travelled to a call-out at the ‘busiest intersection on the Sunshine Coast’ in to extract the reptile.

‘Somebody has stopped at some traffic lights on a main road and a snake has been crossing the road and then just gone up inside his engine bay,’ Ms Schmidt explains to her colleague.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers team members Jess Schmidt and Stuart Mackenzie attend the call-out to the Sunshine Coast set of traffic lights (pictured)

After finding the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road – hazard lights flashing and the bonnet popped – the pair tried to find where the snake had gone.

‘I can’t see him at the moment…

he’s gone down into the wheel arch,’ Mr Mackenzie said scratching his head.

Ms Schmidt gets down on the asphalt to get a view behind the front tyre, while Mr Mackenzie looks on bent over the engine.

‘Oh I can see some scales, I’ve got him here,’ Ms Schmidt said.


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But Mr Mackenzie jolts backwards: ‘Oh s**t he’s up here, JUDI SLOT ONLINE JACKPOT TERBESAR he’s just gone straight passed my face.’

Ms Schmidt then reaches in and grabs what appears to be a large python by the head and pulls it from the engine.

‘Hooley dooley.

There you go mate,’ she said, while placing the reptile safely into a bag.

Ms Schmidt places the python safely into a bag to be relocated to another area (pictured)

‘Well done!

Glad the python didn’t get hurt,’ one viewer wrote.

‘I would have just given the car to the snake,’ added another.

‘This is the most Australian thing ever, even the faded Rivers sign in the background,’ added a third.

‘Another episode of why I’m not going to Australia,’ a fourth wrote. 

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