Helmet and insurance: new rules for skiing are on the way

The rules will come into effect on January 1, 2022

From 2022 we will start skiing differently. Nothing to do with the style or the equipment: the rules are foreseen by legislative decree 40 of 2021 come into force, which outlines the new rules to be respected on the ski slopes. Some transform simple common sense into law; others introduce bans that hopefully can change the bad habits of some fans.

Helmet for minors

Those who practice alpine skiing, snowboarding but also sledding are only required to wear a helmet if they are under 18. For adults over 18, it is a protection that would be good to wear, but it remains optional. Only in one case can minors avoid a helmet: when they practice cross-country skiing, even if many schools and facilities already require it for children under 14.

When insurance is mandatory

One of the most important innovations concerns insurance:  those who use the alpine ski slopes (but not the cross-country ones) must be protected by a policy that covers civil liability for damages or injuries caused by third parties.

Part of this new burden is borne by the operators of the facilities, who will have to make available the possibility of subscribing to insurance when customers purchase the ski pass. Those who do not have a policy risk a fine of between 100 and 150 euros

Alcohol and drugs

Much higher penalties for those caught skiing while intoxicated. Fines range from 250 to 1,000 euros. Skiers can be stopped and accompanied to nearby checkpoints to check alcohol or drug intake.

The failure to help

Sanctions ranging from 250 to 1,000 euros also for failure to assist. Just like on the roads, the skier who notices an accident is obliged to call the manager of the slopes.

Most of the regulations in force since 2022 are then focused on respecting prudent conduct. The skier must reduce speed when visibility is poor and when approaching an intersection; he must maintain a pace appropriate to his abilities, respect the signs and make sure that he has enough space before overtaking.

Stopping in compulsory crossing points is prohibited. And, in the event of an accident, it is necessary to get to the side of the track as soon as possible.

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