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The conservative mantra has been, “Freedom, freedom, give us freedom.” Removing all the stops on the financial regulatory system invited the global financial meltdown, which has destroyed the value of our homes and the future of our children. 9. Retirement Threatened. By destroying the value of our homes and trying to break our contract for Social Security—yes, Social Security is a contract not an “entitlement” (which is a 1% buzz word suggesting it’s a handout). And that means making the 1% pay their fair share in Social Security and Medicare taxes. If they are allowed to continue, none of us will have any savings, nor will we have the safety net of Social Security, which so many of us rely upon. A concert will be held on Jan. 8 and Jan. 9 in Byron Bay. No, the Occupy Movement will continue until the banking industry accepts sensible regulation once again, like the banking regulations, which made the second half of the twentieth century so prosperous. Again, Meg’s kids had had a lot of freedom when it came a lot of things. If we don’t demand the reinstatement of these Rights, we can look forward to losing the Rights of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech in the future

There are a number of emergency warnings still in place in both NSW and Victoria. Jamie Lee Dolheguy is led into the Supreme Court of Victoria on her first day of trial last month. You should set a target to have at least one basic conversation with a woman every day. Thank you all for joining me so early in the day. A billionaire environmentalist and force in Democratic fundraising over the past decade, Steyer said last January he was focusing on his efforts to get Trump impeached and Democrats elected to Congress. So there is a website especially dedicated to such boys where they get information relevant to their interest. Although there is a significant amount of stereotyping that occurs around women’s interests, especially assumptions that restrict women’s interests to fashion, cooking or childcare, this appears to be gradually changing. Does it suck dealing with her top, sure, but there are still weaknesses running that top, mainly not much lane safety from ganks

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