What were some of the most trending cake designs during 2021?

The year 2021 has been full of surprises. It was also a year that had a long list of trends going on social media. Out of all these trends, there remains a delicious trend that needs a special mention and that is of tasty cake flavors or cake delivery and tempting Designs. We have rounded up a list of some of the most trending cake designs of the Year 2021. You must have a look at our flavourful list of trending cakes of 2021.

Emoji cake

The year 2021 has been all about trends and all of these trends were carried on social media, an important aspect of social media is emojis that help us express our emotions well. therefore the emoji cake or the expression cake had been trending throughout the year 2021 thereby breathing in the air of fun across various occasions. 

half cake

A Half cake is perfect for the ones who would not like to waste even a tiny particle of a tasty cake. If your circle is small or you are planning to have an intimate celebration with a few of your friends then you can rely upon getting a tasty half cake for you. The best part is that they taste as flavourful as a full cake. Besides that, they can be ordered in all flavors and designs. 

Rainbow cake

Just as a rainbow would stir up the emotions of joy peace and childish nest in your heart a rainbow cake to would make you happy with its charm. You would have ordered a delicious Vanilla flavored Rainbow cake for your birthday or that of your kid’s birthday and amaze your dear ones by nline cake delivery of this sweet and tempting delight with that is bound to bring joy to the heart of the as unicorns are a unicorn cake is also no less than a dream come true experience after all it is so beautiful and tempting that anyone would find it difficult to to avoid having a bite of this heavenly the light at could make you experience the taste of Paradise that is the reason why Unicorn cakes had been on the top of the list for birthday parties during the year 2021.


Cheesecake is bound to bring a broad smile to your face. After all, it is loaded with flavors. Therefore, making you lose your control when you get a sight of the special delight. People have ordered cheesecake for their special occasions in order to place their dear ones with the heavenly taste of this sweet light. 

Funfetti cake 

Just as you would Sprinkle confetti while celebrating victory or any other joyful occasion. So you can also get a confetti cake for your happy occasions. This cake would have tiny sprinkles of rainbow melted into lots of bright colors that look pretty much like confetti. These cakes had been ordered all around the year 2021 across various occasions. 

Photo cake

Birthdays, anniversaries and congratulation parties have all been celebrated along with the luscious taste of creamy photo cake that has the photo of the recipient. thereby, making it a perfect treat for any joyful occasion. The photo of the cake is also made up of edible material. Thereby making it completely safe for you to order photo cakes online or from a cake shop delhi for your dear ones. 

Cartoon theme cake

The year 2021 is all about uniqueness. Therefore, people have ordered special cartoon themed cakes for their celebrations. not just the parties of little kids, these cartoon cakes have been ordered for celebrating the birthday of an adult as well. These cartoon cakes will surely take you back to your childhood. thereby, releasing the taste of your favorite cake flavor along with your favorite cartoon character on it

Fondant cake

We must admit that fondant cakes are the beginning of a new era in the world of cakes. That is the reason why they are so popular among everyone. You too can get delicious 

 fondant cakes ordered across various celebrations. 

We are sure, you must have come across the luscious taste of many of these delicious cakes. If not then do not waste your time and place orders for the most trending cakes of 2021 before the year comes to an end.

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