5 Things You Need For The Best Football Birthday Party

Do you want to celebrate your birthday together with your love for football? There are plenty of colour schemes and ways of creating a football party theme (modern or classic) that can suit any team. There are several key elements that you can add to a football birthday party if you really want to make it shine. 

In this article, we can help you score those extra points with these amazing football party ideas from football-themed games and crafts to football-shaped party foods. If you want to throw a touchdown-worth birthday party that everyone will love, then keep on reading! 

1. Create and Send Out Football Party Invitations 

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Make sure that you send your invitations out with enough time left prior to the big day. All of the players should know that they’ve been drafted so they can get ready for the game! You can do DIY invitations using brown cardstock that you can cut out. Then with a white paint pen, you can add football laces on one side, and then turn it over to write in your details for a customer handwritten invitation. You may place the invitation in grass-green envelopes and address it per player. 

However, if you’re not a fan of DIYs and you don’t have enough time, there are plenty of options you can order or print at home. You can try searching for free online football ticket invitations templates online! 

2. Prepare Delicious Football-Themed Party Food 

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You don’t want your star players to go hungry! Your guests would need to refuel, so provide yummy football foods. You may offer full meal options, sweets, and concession stand snacks and appetizers to satisfy any appetite. 

You can consider burgers since they’re perfect for hearty appetites. You can make football burgers that are surely dressed to impress. Create football-shaped patties and match them with hoagie rolls, and then decorate them with cheese to actually take the trophy home. 

Try setting up a display of food just like the stadium concession stand. You may wrap hot dogs in silver foil to give them that game day look. Another classic concession stands item is the Frito Pie, You can prepare a huge one to dish up from a casserole dish, or opt for the concession stand route by adding cheese and chilli right into small bags of Fritos. Make sure you add a football-themed fork. 

3. Provide Hydrating Drinks 

Make sure that you keep the team and everyone hydrated with thirst-quenching beverages. Use mason jars and decor them with white duct tape if you’re serving up soda or juice, just to make a display of football drinks. Also, to make it seem like you’re really in a football game, you can get small bottles of Gatorade and print a referee Gatorade wrapper at home and cover each bottle. 

4. Party Football Cake 

Of course, even if it’s a football party, it wouldn’t be complete without a cake. To score more points, you may create a football field cake to make the party sweeter and more fun. It’s easy to make a football cake, you just have a frosted sheet cake, candy players, and goal posts made out of straws to kick off the game. 

Aside from that, you can make chocolate football cupcakes if you want everyone to head out to the yard for their ball game. Fill in your concession stand’s dessert spread with fun football whoopie pies, and finished them with marshmallow fluff filling, and the most endearing football cake pops. 

5. Football Party Decorations 

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If everyone shows up with their classic Chelsea shirts or retro man city shirts, of course, you would want your party to be well-decorated also. Make sure that the field is ready for the big game with enough festive decorations. You may decor the stage by adding a colour scheme that is inspired by your favourite team, or you can opt for an elegant green and white gridiron palette. 

And since we’re talking about football, you can use a green tablecloth, then football helmets or football as centrepieces and fill in with colourful balloons and banners. Don’t forget to get a little extra with some balloons.

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