5 Kitchen Cabinet Colors To Reduce Stress & Anxiety

When dealing with stress and anxiety, color therapy takes on a significant role.

From tranquil blues to vibrant reds, different hues harp on different emotions within your mind and body.

Typically, homeowners spend considerable time deciding on the wall colors for living rooms, bedrooms, and even hallways. But they have little say when it comes to kitchens.

And that’s just not right!

Kitchens are as important as other areas of your house. In fact, for more than one reason, kitchens are rightly called the “heart of home.” It’s where you cook food, catch up on conversations, shed a tear or two in solitude, sip that glass of refreshing wine, chat, chide, and confide.

Cooking itself is an antidote to anxiety.

With cabinets taking the lion’s share of your kitchen, it is necessary to decide on the hues to set the right mood and tone.

For instance, if you choose distressed kitchen cabinets with a naturally weathered appearance, a subtle, muted shade like beige or ocean blue can be the perfect match.

This post re-introduces you to the five most popular color choices for kitchen cabinets that are known to keep stress levels under control.

  1. Essential Whites

The classic choice for almost one-third of kitchen cabinets, bright white renders effortless charm. White, inarguably, is a versatile color that pairs up with just about any wall, backsplashes, and countertops across kitchens.

If you have distressed kitchen cabinets on your mind for a farmhouse-style kitchen, white should be your first consideration. Universally regarded as the color of peace, white also restores a sense of calm and freshness.

  1. Subtle Grays

Don’t be alarmed at the mention of “gray.” Sure, novels and movies have called gray a dull, morbid shade. However, in reality, gray, when paired right with colors like blue or white, can render a soothing effect. Especially when you think of distressed kitchen cabinets, gray has been the center of attraction in home design for quite some time.

The range you get with grays is beautiful- from light to darker hues- one of the first choices for a sleek and modern appearance.

  1. Balancing Blues

Blues can be both intoxicating and calming at the same time.

Try pairing a navy-blue wall with a distressed kitchen cabinet, and you’ve instantly hit the elegance button. This shade also works great with copper and brass accents and natural stone finishes.

Feel free to shift to lighter shades of blue to leave an undertone of drama or for a crisp, clean look.

  1. Black for Sophistication

Black is perhaps another neutral color after gray that has earned quite a negative reputation when dealing with anxiety and stress.

Like working with grays, it’s all about striking the right balance with other shades for a positive impact.

Black has been associated with high-end luxury for decades and remains in vogue. If you plan to work with distressed kitchen cabinets, black works well with natural wood finish and metallic accents.

Plus, if your kitchen has walls done in lighter shades, black countertops can readily impart a bold look.

  1. Joyous Green

Green is called the color of youth, merry-making, and abundance. But it is also the color that hits right on the spot to bring your uncontrolled emotions to a halt.

From emerald to forest, green is a rich color choice for kitchen cabinets. Other shades, like pale green or sage green, go even a step beyond inducing a calming effect. More like the indoor plants that psychologists often recommend to help deal with overthinking.

For homemakers, the kitchen is where they spend extensive hours working. However, it is also a place where one can unwind and relax. Using green as a kitchen cabinet color is a wise call to keep your thoughts from spiraling out of control.

Other Colors To Consider

Besides the five kitchen cabinet colors mentioned earlier, a few other hues work well to keep stress out of your kitchen. And it’s important to understand that different colors resonate differently with humans.

If green or blue works well for your stress, it doesn’t mean it will do the same for others.

People might find solace when surrounded by other hues and shades across kitchen walls, backsplashes, and countertops.

  • Beige- For culinary spaces using distressed kitchen cabinets, taupe or beige color create a calm and inviting atmosphere. Beige, of course, is a timeless choice and has always been in fashion. It serves as the perfect base for kitchen cabinets to help you work with other accents.

  • Greige- Can’t decide between the warmth of beige and an undertone of coolness in gray? Introducing greige, a fantastic neutral color for kitchen cabinets that addresses stress levels. Typically, the shade of greige you choose does the magic as it can absorb or reflect the ambient light.
  • Yellow- Who doesn’t like a bright pop of yellow? It’s vibrant, cheerful, and can instantly counteract anxiety. No wonder kids like yellow; plain and simple, it’s a happy color. For homeowners who crave positivity, yellow hues work towards brightening up the space.

Wrap Up

Undeniably, colors are a cue to madness, like an artist lost in a frenzy.

However, they are also a cure for your monkey mind. That’s why, time and again, color therapy has found a place in psychiatry.

When choosing the perfect shade to go along with your distressed kitchen cabinets, ensure you pick the one you resonate with to calm down. That way, you can declutter your mind better and keep stress out of your culinary space.