What Mice Do After Natural Disasters Strike the Area They Live?

What happens to rodents after disasters strike the area they live? Incessant rain, hurricane, blizzard, flood and forest fire are some of the disasters that affect residents living in the area. Natural calamities such as these also affect rodents and they are forced to leave the area and move to safer areas.   The surviving rodents relocate to another area in search of shelter, food and water which obviously is a spontaneous reaction.  If you are living in an area which is close to the disaster prone zone then you should expect the furry guests to pay a visit to your home. You should be ready to tackle them or they will swamp your home in an unprecedented manner. If you already have an infestation in hand then you must rush an effective rodent control such as BBPP, highly successful and experienced mice control service Vaughan and start the procedure of mice extermination from your home at once.

What rodents do after disasters?

When the ground becomes inundated with flood or snow owing to heavy rains and flood water and also a blizzard passing through the area rodents like mice and rats are forced to leave their habitats to migrate to another area that is near to find a new home or shelter. Food becomes scarce and their underground nests are full with water thus renders them homeless. Rodents like mice need a hideout to survive because mice without the protection of a shelter will become victims to predators from grounds as well as sky. So they run to the nearest area which is not affected by floods or other calamities. This is the time as a resident you should observe caution and plot measures that will prevent mice from entering your periphery.

Regroup and reorganize

Mice and rats after the surviving the disaster to will invade nearby homes that are not affected by the calamity. They would be desperate to get a safe home for themselves because outside conditions are not favorable for living. They will enter your neighborhood homes and start a fresh chapter of life by establishing their nest and birthing pups. It is obvious that once they enter your home and get a foot hold they will start the process of food and property damage of their new owner.

You should be ready for this because it is inevitable and should also consider the fact that rodents don’t venture too far from their nest thus will target houses that are close by. They will start the process of nest building and In the process will damage furniture, soft items like mattresses, carpets, upholstery etc. this they do collect nesting materials which they will use to build nests in your attic, basement, foundation of house, piles of debris in the yard, tree trunks, eves, wall crevices, even behind wardrobe and cooking range. Lucky for them, the human abodes offer them plenty of nesting materials and food. It is also reported that mice take about 6-10 months to naturalize with the new ecosystem. 

Once they establish their colony they will start breeding at breakneck speed. A couple can produce about a 100 pups in a year and those pups will produce the same numbers once they attain gestation capability..  Once they are settled, fed and start the cycle of reproduction they also become capable of spreading deadly diseases like plague, Salmonellosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary disease and others. These are deadly kinds because medical science has no prevention cure or vaccine for them. Most of the victims are treated with antibody medicines prescribed by physicians. There have been fatalities because victims were not treated with immediate medical attention.

How to prevent mice infestation after a disaster?

Best way to prevent mice invasion after disaster is to barricade your house completely. Actually the barricading is not erecting a wall or putting up barricades on your property, but plugging holes with impregnable sealants. Mice have sharp front teeth that are capable of tearing soft plastic and aluminum containers and adequately equipped to enlarge holes on the walls by nibbling, chewing, scratching, biting. They are also capable of entering tiny openings on your wall by collapsing their body and wriggling.

Preventing mice entry

  • Plugs those holes with strong adhesive materials or caulk, steel mesh or steel wool ball, or cement
  • Remove food sources from your exterior, empty bails that contain water, don’t keep water always on the bird feed, avoid water puddles in the lawn, and clear debris, leftovers and other items that you carelessly thrown on your yard.
  • Clean kitchen and household and employ disinfectants to disappear food smell
  • Dump leftover foods in tightly lidded trash cans and take garbage out everyday
  • Store grains, nuts, seeds, cattle feed, and bird seeds in thick plastic or metal containers
  • Block windows with steel wire mesh screen, install stoppers under doors and repair broken windows and  window panes
  • Seal pipe entries, cut down branches of trees leaning on your roof, and pick fallen fruits from your lawn

If your invasion already exists and the extent is too big, it is time for you to call professionals like BBPP, most capable Pest Control Service Vaughan, and get rid of them. You can get in touch with them by calling the number 647-910-6315 or by sending mail to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.