IGET Bar Vape Mouthpiece’s Four Cornerstones

Indulge in your nicotine-free IGET vape sessions without having to cover up the stench with perfume or deodorant. There are a lot of options to pick from in the Bar range, as there are 31 different flavors to select from.

The mouthpiece, located at the top, connects the vaper to the unit. With premium components like PC and ALU, you can count on a relaxing vaping session every time. The vapor is concentrated thanks to the smaller hole in its design, making for a more intense throat impact.

The IGET Bar’s atomizer is the device’s brains, turning e-liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. It consists of an atomization core and a coil, both of which are housed inside the housing below the mouthpiece. The coil warms the e-liquid, which is absorbed and stored in the core, releasing the vapor.

The IGET Bar is powered by a 1500mAh battery, which provides consistent power to the atomizer at all times. This powerful battery will allow you to enjoy your vaping session for a longer period of time. Note, however, that owing to safety concerns, it is not advised that disposable IGET Bar vapes be recharged.

The airflow system, often found at the vape’s base, is essential to the activity. It adjusts the quantity of external air entering the device, changing the vapour’s concentration. The three different airflow settings on the IGET Bars allow for a more intense vaporization and throat impact.


  • IGET Bar one-time use gadget
  • Pre-Charged, Pre-Filled, 12mL, Salt Nic, NET WEIGHT 78g Salt Nicotine is activated with a single puff: For a throat hit that’s reminiscent of smoking, we packed this with 5%, (50MG) Salt Nic.
  • Each disposable may hold up to 3500 puffs.
  • Miniature in size; easy to transport.

Crisp and tart, the iget strawberry watermelon is a great snack. The flavor is robust, with a hint of sweet spice and a base of sweet and sour. The IGET Bar is a portable vaporizer that is comfortable to hold thanks to its 304 stainless steel construction and 3500 puff capacity. The IGET Bar is always open, stocked to capacity, and ready to serve you.