7 Interactive Display Ideas for your next Corporate Event

Interactive displays are digital information boards that allow businesses to interact with their customers using a digital platform. They act as a customizable canvas for event planners to put out information like product descriptions, event timeline, details about the company, sales etc. Unlike billboards, interactive displays help by providing distinctive layouts for putting up information using hardware and software. With changeable slides, user friendly interfaces and by facilitating active participation, interactive displays allow businesses to get creative in their marketing spree. These displays can be controlled through gestures or touch or can even be passive which require little input from the user.

One of the best perks of using touch screens and interactive displays for marketing is that the only barrier that comes in our way is our own imagination. With the latest technological developments in the digital marketing, the real and artificial worlds have become less distinctive with real time projections and interactions with the consumer. With the ever increasing expectations of the customers and increased emphasis on customization, companies are readily using tech gizmos like virtual reality, augmented reality, motion sensors and trackers, touch sensitive receivers and most importantly artificial intelligence to provide a personalized experience.

As a result of amalgamation of all the technologies listed above, it has become more easy for marketers to develop techniques of interactive and engaging marketing. Examples of such astonishing combinations of tech and marketing are available in abundance to showcase what is achievable using interactive touch screen displays.

From the floors of the showroom to the event stage, interactive displays have multiple applications and can be used in the most unique manner to grab the attention of probable customers as an engaging tool for marketing. For brands looking forward to providing a physical environment to their customers, interactive displays can undoubtedly prove to be the most effective tool in this regard.

Interactive displays can be coupled with marketing booths in trade shows and even physical stores in order to grab more eyeballs. Boots that utilize multiple modes and methods of marketing are bound to create a more profound and long lasting impact on viewers.

Lastly, it is important for campaigning booths to conduct tests and research on different options available. It is important for brands to consider their needs and select the most suitable interactive displays that are both cost effective and intuitive at the same time. Every type of display board has its own perks and advantages and thus it is important for brands to test out which display boards would adequately serve their purpose. In order to find the best interactive displays, brands shall take help of professionals and suppliers to know the most trendy and interactive displays in the market.

Source: 7 Interactive Display Ideas for your next Corporate Event