Charge on the Go with Xiaomi’s Fast and Reliable Charging Products

Xiaomi Overview

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that started by manufacturing and selling smartphones. Today they are one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world competing with the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. According to a survey by International Data Corporation (IDC), the Chinese technology company ranks at number 3 in sales.  

After becoming popular in the Smartphone market, Xiaomi started selling other items such as smartphone accessories and consumer electronic products. These products have become immensely popular in Pakistan and are readily available through online shopping in Pakistan at The end of the year is a good time to grab good deals on Xiaomi products with a blessed Friday sale, sale around the corner. 

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Products Overview

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging products are a relatively new addition to Xiaomi’s product lineup. As of 2020, the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 9 Pro support wireless charging, among others have been added. However, there are many other smartphone brands that have wireless charging support in their phones as well. Xiaomi’s Mi Wireless charging stand for phones can charge any brand of smartphones that support wireless charging. Usage of smartphones, smart watches, and other smart products has increased many folds in our everyday lives. 

With our reliance on these products it makes sense to see improvements such as wireless charging being added. It definitely brings a lot of convenience as having multiple charging cables and chargers is a hassle to manage. Xiaomi has started introducing wireless charging products at the right time as we now have a wireless charging stand, a Wireless Power bank and a wireless car charger available from Xiaomi. 

Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand

The wireless charging stand provides 20W of charging efficiency which would charge most phones in a short amount of time. It is made of an eco-friendly material and has an aesthetically pleasing look. It is sure to attract attention sitting on your desk or night stand. The bottom of the stand has a non-slip silicone mat which firmly sticks to the surface. It connects to a USB-C cable which is included in the package, but does not come with a charging adapter. It can, however be connected to any 5V/2A adapter and supports other adapters such as 9v/1.6A or 12v/1.7A. The stand has a vertical structure with a slight angle that makes it convenient to watch movies or have a video call while charging the phone. With its built-in double coil structure, a phone can be placed either in vertical or horizontal orientation. Its wireless sensing distance of 4mm means that phones with a back cover can also be detected and charged.

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The wireless charging stand is available in Pakistan for Rs. 3,999 which is a very good price for a wireless charger. With the upcoming blessed Friday sale there is a good chance to find an even better deal on this amazing product.

Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger

This Xiaomi wireless car charger is probably one of the best wireless car chargers available in the market considering its performance and price. Just like the wireless charging stand, it supports 20W charging efficiency. It comes with two options to mount it easily in the car. You can install it on the car air conditioner vents or use the adhesive dock to stick it to any surface on the car. Evaluating it even without its charging capability one easily can see it is a pretty good car bracket in itself. The charging panel has 2.5D glass and a blue ring-shaped light in the center. This adds a very cool and elegant look to it. 

The wireless car charger has an in-built fan and a metal bracket which ensures the charger does not heat up when charging a phone.

An interesting feature in this product is the hidden infrared sensor which automatically adjusts the size of the gripping clamps based on the size of the phone being placed inside it. As soon as the phone is placed in the charger, it grips the phone securely.

The package comes with a charging cable and a car charging adapter free of cost. The Mi 20W wireless car charger is available online and at physical stores at a reasonable price of Rs. 5,999.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank Essential

Xiaomi has always delivered when it comes to offering the best power banks and that too at affordable prices. The company’s power banks are reliable and can be trusted to keep your phones powered while on the go. Now Xiaomi has introduced a wireless power bank that can be used to wirelessly charge devices. 

The Mi Wireless Power bank has 10000 mAh of power which can give at least 2-3 charges to any smartphone.  It supports both wireless and wired charging simultaneously. The wireless power bank provides 10W of wireless charging efficiency. It can output up to 15W when using both wireless and wired outputs. The product has pass through charging which allows it to both charge itself and a connected device.

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The product quality is outstanding with a beautiful design that gives a premium feel when holding it in the hand. Its rubber charging panel provides an anti-slip surface that also feels soft to the touch. At only 230g, it’s easy to carry in your handbag or pocket. Just like the Mi Wireless Charging stand and Mi Wireless Car charger this product also supports other brand phones from Samsung and Apple.

The Xiaomi Mi Wireless power bank price in Pakistan is Rs. 3,499 which is quite good considering it provides wireless and wired charging capability at the same time.


If you are looking for a wireless charging solution, then go for Xiaomi Mi Wireless charging products because of these boast of high quality and top performance. All three products can be bought online from our official online site and in physical stores in Pakistan. Because of the pandemic, online shopping will be more feasible for most of the Mi fans. If you do your shopping during the sale, you can avail the lucrative deals that are on for a limited period only. With the blessed Friday sale coming up, we are sure you can find a good discount on these amazing products.

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