Rigid Box Packaging for your Signature Keratin Hairspray

Customers for hair straightening products have so many choices these days. You can’t pitch your keratin items effectively without proving that they are better and unique in formulation. Packaging can aid you with this and many endeavors if you know how to customize it creatively with right and engaging details. Beguiling boxes displaying the shine spray would draw attention of the shoppers. You can use communicative packaging for persuading the consumers into liking and trying out your offerings. Boxes highlighting the formulation and features of the hair care serums, oils and other offers would sway the potential buyers into checking them out.

Scintillating packaging would delight the onlookers looking for keratin treatments. You can incline them into knowing more about your spray through riveting rigid boxes.  Use them for indorsing the expertise of your brand, you can tell the customers about the kind of innovative professional quality products you have. Packaging can aid you with earning the trust and liking of the shoppers and increasing sales. You should entrust a skilled printing provider with the job of personalizing the boxes. Prefer a vendor that has considerable industry experience and can think outside the box.

You need to have basic knowledge about the commonly used stocks and printing processes to not get confused when discussing the requirements or giving feedback to the vendor. You can easily find online reading material on cardboard, corrugated stock and kraft paper.

Below are some ideas on making your packaging intriguing!

Use a Lively Box Artwork

Packaging design for your signature keratin spray should be a delight for the eyes. Illustrations, color scheme and text used within the artwork must be relevant to the product. The design can be utilized for creating a notable affinity for your hair cosmetics company. Name of the item printed with a funky font on the boxes would get quickly noticed.

Descriptive Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Space at the back of the packaging can be utilized for enlightening consumers about the advantages of the hair treatment. You can give tips on using the shampoo and conditioner by your brand before applying the item for best results. Names of all the ingredients along with their percentage, cautions on avoiding the spray getting into eyes, mouth and best before date should be available on the boxes.

Packaging for Bundled Items and Special Offers

Combining the different keratin products and presenting them as discounted deals and offers would encourage the shoppers to avail them. You can have decorative or embellished boxes printed to make the packages dazzling for the buyers.

Send a custom rigid box with thank you note and a freebie to a regular customer for expressing your gratitude. Packaging should have link to your website’s page that has information about the consumer rewards and incentives.

If your products are avidly used by top hair stylists and influencers, flaunt this on the boxes; also mention if your brand has been a part of some famous fashion event.

Packaging should be super easy to open and handle, don’t use a box style that doesn’t have any utility. You can take advice and suggestions from the printer on selecting a die-cut or some other shape that makes the packaging handy.

Get your rigid boxes designed and printed impeccably by the Legacy Printing. Shipping services for all US orders don’t have any handling charges. Connect with the sales team for real time assistance; they are keen to help you with any questions and concerns!

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