How Lip Gloss Packaging Box has changed over the Years?

Boxes for cosmetics have evolved over the past decade or so. Packaging that earlier used to be a wrapping or handling solution for the products has now become an effective medium of product promotion, branding and marketing. Makeup manufacturers communicate with their potential customers through boxes for retail. These also play a significant role in building or killing the perception of an item. Shoppers have become more conscious about the way beauty offerings are presented to them. In the digital era, the need of innovation and information has also made it imperative for the cosmetic companies to be mindful of what buyers expect when personalizing the packaging. 

A revisit into the not too distant history would reveal to you that a lip gloss packaging box used to be quite simple. The main purpose of the packaging was handing over or sending the products safely. There were a few brands with limited kinds of glosses but now customers have countless options. The competition has led to better and unique formulas for the cosmetics that once were not long lasting or merely serve the purpose of making the lips shine. Now the makeup junkies have collagen makeup items that allow them to get bigger pouts without going under the knife. 

We are sharing more on how the boxes for glosses have improved!

Comparing the Lip Gloss Packaging Design 

Decade or more ago most of the brands didn’t think about having any kind of illustrations on the boxes. Now the artwork of gloss boxes is colorful and pictographic. Names of the products, brand’ logo and tagline are printed on the packaging with font that make these details prominent. Varying designs are used for different items to maintain their individuality. 

The Boxes have Better Shelf-Life Now 

Printing industry has progressed well over time; there are many stock and technique options available now. Packaging can be printed with cardboard, biodegradable and other stocks that enhance its strength and make it resistant to tampering factors. Thus, the boxes are reliable enough to keep the cosmetics well-stored and protected for a long time.

Packaging has Meaningful Messages 

Businesses use the merchandise boxes for endorsing a cause or creating awareness about an issue that needs attention. Many makeup brands utilize the packaging for glosses to condemn animal testing and use of chemicals in the products. This enlightenment has made buyers more knowledgeable, especially toward social and environmental problems. 

Boxes for cosmetics are printed with die-cut and other styles that give them an alluring appeal. Packaging that is light-weight and sleek is stored along with the item which compels the customers to make repeat purchases.

The boxes are more detailed and insightful than they used to be. Now the consumers can find every bit of info ranging from net weight to cautions. This aids them with using and storing makeup the right way. 

Cute lip gloss packaging is quite popular now, the boxes are printed with a theme like a celebrity inspired look or some patterns that women like. You can experiment with any cut, color and shape for the boxes. 

There are customizations like embossing, raised ink, foil stamping, UV coating and glossy/matte lamination to give packaging an amazing look and texture. Hang tab boxes are used for hooking the glosses on point of sale counters. Entrust Packaging Republic with your custom boxes’ printing and get your order printed and shipped within your timeline. The rush services are not overly priced!

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