Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Specific Features

We’re frequently asked by our prospective clients what is Magento Enterprise and its features?

Magento 2 Enterprise introduces a plethora of new developments especially in the case of the

Business edition is formerly known as Enterprise Edition. Even though both Open Source and Commerce editions offer better e-commerce opportunities than 1.X, Magento 2 Commerce integrates some high-class features. Below, you will see their description plus features of an enterprise of Magento 2.

What is Magento Enterprise Edition?

Magento Enterprise Edition is the premium and paid version of Magento. Magento Enterprise Edition is the ultimate service of Adobe Magento. It is a paid product development for businesses that want to set free the full prospective Magento has to offer. It is a model for profitable businesses, brands, and running physical stores that are looking to grow their actions into the online space. With Enterprise Edition, you get complete technical support from the Magento team via email and phone. Not only this, you get product upgrades, security updates, and lots of fresh features that are already involved in the annual price you pay for your Magento Commerce license. The license fees cost about $22,000/year.

Who should be using Magento Enterprise Edition?

While Magento Enterprise is an extraordinary e-commerce solution, it’s not for everybody. After many projects, we advise that you should use Magento Enterprise if:

• You have 300+ orders per hour

• 15+ synchronized users during a sales occasion

• Your e-commerce revenue is >$5 million+ per year

• You want immediate reply times for catalog pages

• Must have quicker add-to-cart server response times

• Wish faster guest checkout response times

• You want wide customizations and innovative features

How Much does it cost for Magento Enterprise Edition?

While Magento Enterprise Edition is the finest solution for business, you will have to pay for it. Approximately, the cost to be on the platform will usually be:

• $200+/month for Magento hosting

• $22,000+/year for the license 

• $500+/month other fees 

Features of Magento 2 Enterprise

  1. Greater Capabilities and Support
  • New analytic tools to offer a deeper analysis of checks for main database tables, installed extensions, and improved core files.
  1. Visual Marketing
  • A spontaneous drag-and-drop user interface lets users easily control product arranging in categories.
  • Select from a wide range of automated sorting choices to decide the product position.
  1. Vigorous Marketing, Selling, and Search
  • Advanced content presentation and performance functionality to drive user involvement and marketing campaigns.
  • Custom registering process with user attributes.
  • Arranged data imports and exports.
  • Great search functionality using flexible search for both in-site and admin search.
  • Automatic reminder emails for wild shopping carts and wish lists.
  • Rules-based associated product upsells and cross-sells.
  • Custom collections by customer groups.
  • Buyer division and targeted personalized experience.
  • Personalised marketing and content approaches with targeted advancements and banners 
  • Drag and drop, rule-based product selling.
  1.  Content Enactment
  • Create, edit, and delete updates to:
  • Products –descriptions, pictures, prices, page designs, and more.
  • Group singular updates into a campaign for stress-free management.
  • Schedule a limitless number of updates.
  • Categories – menu and display options, which sorts are allowed.
  • CMS At ease – page content and layouts.
  • Promotions – list and shopping basket price rules.
  1. Custom Catalogues by Customer Group
  • Business users can generate custom collections per customer group, allowing different experiences for single groups.
  • Build specific sales for B2C vs. B2B, registered vs. guest customers 
  • Effortlessly drop product files for shopping feeds or combinations with back-end systems.
  1. Customer Division
  • Customise the customer listings process to gather actionable customer information.
  • Automatically segment clients using customizable business judgment.
  1. Rule-Based Product Relations
  • Use business rules to describe which related products, up-sells and cross-sells would be shown to which section of customers.
  • Easily affect your whole website with a single rule –without the requirement of a developer.
  1. Targeted Content
  • Use posters to show targeted content to segments to personalize the customer ride.
  • The Banner Spinner widget permits business users to place segment-specific content on virtually any page on a website.
  1. RMA
  • Allow user to initiate their own return procedure from their “My Account” area
  • Commercial users have complete control over the full return process and can configure everything from reasons for return to suitable resolution choices

11. Drag-and-drop Content

  • Effortlessly drag content into rows and columns.
  • Switch content locations with a single drag or click.
  • Content remains completely responsive even after being resized when used with, Luma, or a different responsive theme.
  1. Automated Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Increase conversion and decrease desertion using logic-driven abandoned cart emails.
  • Send targeted promotion codes to inspire repeat buying.
  1. Advanced Content Management
  • Exclusive Content Types
  • Drag-and-drop Content
  • Content Templates
  • In-Context Content Rendering
  • Flexible Designs and Layouts

Wrapping Up:

Thus, for many businesses who have near-future development plans, it makes a lot of sense to spend in the Enterprise Edition, but the Community Edition works well if you don’t have the above feature requirements. If you are still uncertain, consult an experienced Magento enterprise web development company to find the solution appropriate for your business.Byte Technolab Inc. is a professional web development company providing to retail clients around the world. Talk to our specialists to know how we can help you in choosing the appropriate Magento solution for your business.

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