The Best Natural Carpets For Your Home: Seagrass Carpets

There are a plenty of natural fibers that might suit as the best carpets for your floors, one of them are the seagrass carpets. Seagrass carpets are mainly preferred due to their durability and also because these are quite inexpensive. However, these aren’t so popular as synthetic fibres are usually bought by the people. But once you get a Seagrass carpet for your home, there isn’t even a single doubt that you might fall for some other material. Seagrass is a natural product that is mainly found in China and India. It is obtained from the paddy fields. During the rainy season, these fields are usually flooded which helps the seagrass to grow.  Then, the seagrass is collected and sun-dried. After this, the seagrass is spun into different cords, further made up into carpets.

The natural carpet is shiny and can be used at great many places. However Seagrass carpetcan cause trouble when used at staircase. There, they can be slippery and might cause accidents. However, seagrass is a durable, versatile and inexpensive carpet and can be used at home.

Here are the reasons which suggest why seagrass is the best option for your home:

  • Durability: The carpet is durable and lasts for great many years. The natural fibre is also less prone to the environmental damage. Its quality is not compromised even if you place it in extremes of weather conditions. It is often made into the strings of fiber that makes it repellent to most substances like stains and dirt. Some of the carpet manufacturers even suggest that the carpets are resistant to dirt and stain.
  • Environment friendly: Since the carpets are naturally made and cultivated, there are absolutely no chemicals that are used in making them. Moreover, seagrass is available in a variety of shades so almost no dye is used in creating it.
  • Eye catchy: The first and the foremost thing that appeals a person is the outlook of anything. The customers don’t have to worry about how the carpet will look because it is definitely going to look great.  They strike the guests in the first look and you will be left is praises for your choice. There are a great many patterns and deigns that are used for weaving the carpets. These give a classic and versatile look to the living place also.
  • Noise reduction: Seagrass carpet helps to absorb noise. If the carpet is placed in a heavy traffic area, then it won’t cause any damage to it. If the carpet is placed where is a huge amount of noise, then the carpet will absorb the sound and the entire home environment will be absolutely peaceful.

Seagrass is a wonderful material however, it is new. It has a lot many advantages besides looking good and complimenting your home decor. Once you try the Floorspace seagrass carpets, there is no turning back and you will be compelled to recommend these carpets to friends and family as well.