Why are businesses looking for professionals with data science certification?


This write up starts with the importance of data science certification. It goes on to look into the importance of data scientists for prospective businesses. It explores the future prospects of businesses and the importance of data science certification with a special reference to data science certification in Malaysia.

Importance of data science certification

Data science certification was not necessary for securing a job a decade ago. The last decade brought with itself a variety of changes which solved potential problems that the businesses had been facing. It was here that businesses started realizing the importance of data certification.

Let us take this up in detail. Knowledge of data science is different from possessing data science certification. The knowledge of data science means knowledge of domains like business analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management, data mining, graph mining and the like. Data science certification means expertise in the tools of data science. These tools include tableau, excel, sas etc. One of the best examples of data science certification is found in south east Asia. This is because new startups are sprouting up in the region and data science certification is assuming pivotal significance. For instance, data science certification in Malaysia is becoming the prerequisite for seeking a techsavy job in the region.

Why do businesses look for data scientists?

Businesses look to hire data scientists for four chief reasons. The first reason is the value that companies attribute to data. It is widely said that data is the new oil and the new currency. Since companies know about the monetary value that they can get after processing data, they constantly hire data scientists. The second reason is that information is traded between businesses in the form of data. This data needs to be processed, structured, transformed and validated. This data then becomes a chief source of knowledge through which a company can witness enormous growth. The third reason is the forensic analysis of investment opportunities which can be executed by data scientists. The fourth reason is the nature of the jobs which is slated to change in the coming times. As we inch closer to the peak of the fourth industrial revolution, we may witness a rapid transformation in the degree of automation. This may lead to both creation and dissolution of jobs. To keep both the companies and the people informed about this trend, the need of data scientists is utmost.

Future prospects

The future industry is the the industry dominated by technology. As such, it is very important to understand the various facets of this upcoming industry. In one word, we would have to prepare ourselves for this mega event. It is believed that this mega event in the next industrial era would affect us in ways more than one. So, we need to conclude that if there is a single profession which would be in constant limelight in such an industrial era, it would be that of a data scientist.