Why Do Kids Love Fast Food

Kids are very fond of fast food, and if we want them to do some work, we can always give them an offer for their favorite fast food to complete their work. Mostly all the kids love fast food because that satisfies their taste buds. Fast food is not bland, like homemade food, because of the ingredients. Fast food is rich in carbohydrates and fats, which can be easily catabolized and give energy very fast. That is why everyone feels so good after having fast food.

Fast food has made so that they release endorphins in the body that give the kids a feeling of happiness. Moreover, they release some happy hormones with which kids feel contented, and they crave for more. They become more ecstatic after having fast food. The more sugar and salt content in fast food means more energy. Fast food are rich in fats, and fatty food eventually makes the body happy.

Humans are rewired in such a way that they can reconcile the benefits with risks. The things which are not suitable for the body they like them the most. This is what happens with the kids also. Once they have a Burger at McDonald’s, they feel ecstatic and fulfilled. If they do something good in their life, they need a treat at their favorite restaurant with their favorite food.

Kids mostly like burgers, French fries, Hamburgers, and coffee. They love to have soda with their food, unaware that it can harm their body. They want these carbonated drinks, which make them obese, and in such a way, they are becoming more prone to diseases. Their mental ability is also diminishing with this, but they cannot recognize this thing at this age, so they crave more fast food.

One of the most leading causes is the branding of products. These fast-food restaurants are trying everything to sell their products. They are giving lots of offers and gifts with the food to get attracted to that meal and force their parents to buy that.

  • With meals, they are giving toys, like their favorite characters like Captain America or favorite cartoons. In this way, kids got attracted to the toy and eventually bought the meal.
  • The second thing these guys are doing is make the packaging so attractive that kids couldn’t resist them from buying them. They use tv characters on the boxes and packets. Thus kids buy them without knowing the actual content of the box.
  • Friend circle also plays an integral part in this; these days, friends are provoking each other to try this new restaurant. They love to celebrate their birthdays at Mc Donald’s or Burger King because they offer them toys, and thus other kids also get influenced by this. And we all know that kids can be controlled easily. They become so stubborn that they end up buying that only if they said they want something.

So in the crux, I would say that it’s all up to the parents to guide their kids. If they can make them understand that this food is terrible and harm you in the future, they won’t go towards fast food. In moderation, fast food is okay, but daily, it is hazardous. One of the leading causes of working mothers is that mothers cannot cook food due to less time and busy schedules. Thus whenever kids feel hungry, they go for the readymade options. So, we can say that this situation can be controlled if we take serious action on it.

But restaurants are also trying their better options to make the food healthier for kids. They are using fruit stuffing these days, and thus kids are again moving towards those healthy options. McDonald’s and Burger King menu have kid friendly burgers so that they can’t harm kids. Hence by shifting to more nutritious choices, these restaurants are bringing a healthy revolution in fast food, and thus parents will also not worry about their kids. And this will lower their burden.