Burst Pipe Repair: How to Handle Burst Pipe Emergencies

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency. If not handled quickly and in the right way, it can lead to serious damages, such as affected structure and wiring. How do you do burst pipe repair, and when do you call an emergency plumber?

When you own a home, plumbing emergencies come along with it. They may occur anytime, even if you pay regular attention to all parts of your place. The first step in the process of handling them is not to panic. No matter how serious the situation is, do not be scared. Remember, there is always a way to take care of everything. 

In this guide, you’ll learn the best way to take care of burst pipe emergencies. Read on to understand what to do when you discover a burst pipe, and when should you call the best emergency plumber to take the situation under their control?

Step 1: Turn off the water supply

If you don’t want your place to be flooded with water, reach the main stop tap and turn it off. In case you aren’t aware of where to find it, go to the kitchen and watch under the sink. Another place for the main stop tap is the region in your home where the service pipe enters. As soon as you locate it, turn it off. Once done:

  • Turn all our taps and let the system drain.
  • Be careful to access a room when the water leakage is happening for some time. 
  • Check ceilings and room walls for dripping water. If any of them bulges, make a hole in the wall and allow the water to come out. 

Step 2: Turn Off Water Heating Systems

When your home has a central heating system, and an emergency like a burst pipe takes place, turn the system off. Apart from that:

  • If your central heating system has solid fuels, then make it die out. 
  • After switching the heating system off, start hot water taps, and let the system drain completely. 

Step 3: Turn off all electrical appliances

Water leaks not only affect your home’s water systems, ceilings, and walls but also put a direct or indirect impact on electrical appliances. If the leakage occurs near the home appliances, turn them off. Here, the safest side is to turn the main switch off.

Important note: Do not touch the mains in case it is wet. Try to stay away from appliances. 

Step 4: Contact an Emergency Plumber

It is an extremely important step in the burst pipe repair process. Whether it’s a small leak or a major burst, do not try to fix it on your own. Several times, it does more harm than good. In addition, electrical wiring damaged by water can be serious and dangerous, and only professionals should take care of it. Find an emergency plumber near you and discuss the issue with the professional. After that, let the expert take the matter in hand to provide it with the best services. 

In the End

While hiring a professional, ensure to get the services of only the best emergency plumber. Make sure the expert has specialized emergency services to address plumbing problems quickly and effectively.  

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