Is HRMS the new face of human resource management ?

HRMS has taken over the human resource tasks from recruitment to retirement of an employee.  The hrms software manages activities including payroll management , attendance management, timesheet ,etc. The small and medium enterprises in India have experienced effective results after opting for HRMS. The HRMS has turned out to be a valuable option to work on for various IT industries. These are the major areas the HRMS has minimized the workload of the human resource management:

  • Payroll management:

The payroll department is known for the complicated tasks related to paychecks and tax payouts of the employees and the organization. The payroll department deals with wages and tax. The payroll department is responsible for accounting and evaluating the salaries of the employee which implies a lot of work related to data . The HRMS has provided automated calculations and a secured data environment. The automated features  have minimized the risk of errors and optimized the workload .

  • Recruitment and onboarding:

One of the major responsibilities of the human resource team is recruitment of employees as per the requirement of the organizations. The human resources team deals with the applicants and is responsible from interview to the onboarding of the candidate. It is important to record and verify the details of the employee. As errors in details may cause chaos. The HRMS allows the employee to upload the required details and verifies the details with the option to upload the requirement documents to prove.

  • Performance evaluation:

The human  resource department is responsible for streamlining the workflow and keeping a record of the achieved targets and completed projects. The HRMS Software empowers the employee to upload his/her presence and provides an adequate report of the performance. It also helps in evaluating the performance chart of the whole team notifying the employees’ about the targets and timeline in which the targets are meant to be achieved.The performance chart on the HRMS helps the administration team to make unbiased decisions regarding rewards and promotions.

  • Benefits:

An employee is entitled to various benefits that he/she can claim as per the requirements. It is important for an employee to know about the policies related to PF ESIC and the other benefits provided by the employer. It is difficult for an employee to understand and remember the eligibility criterias and the procedure to claim the benefits. It provides the employee an opportunity to learn everything about the eligibility criteria, and the procedure whenever in need.It also notifies the employee about the Tax dues, gratuity benefits , procedure to apply for these benefits including the duration of time required these claims to be credited in the employees account. 

  • Self service:

The self service feature helps in building a transparent bond between the employee and the employer. It empowers the employee to keep a tab on the working hours ,performance, and stay updated about the timeline to achieve targets. It also notifies the employee about his/her performance, the rewards earned, updated policies related to the organization,etc. This does not just help the employee but also provides the administration with a clear picture of the progress of the organization. 

These are a few of the areas the HRMS has proven to show us a new solution. The positive results have motivated many small and middle scale enterprises to opt on working such platforms as it has provided the human resource team with time to aim on the betterment of the business.

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