4 Stunning Shoulder Accessories To Pair With Your Off-Shoulder Dress

Suspending accessories to our body has been a practice for a very long time. We do it to make ourselves more attractive and communicate confidence in who we are. A single ornament can become a regal symbol of nobility and bloodline, even an entire culture. Up to now, its relevance remains appealing and persistent in popular culture. Although changes in popular taste are constant, so is jewelry. It is safe to say that large gemstones embroidered to a necklace suspended around are not just for your grandma obsessed with her status.

The older precious shoulder accessories get, the more their value arises. Even so, they’re not meant solely as a long-term investment you can auction in your later life. Today they are refashioned to appreciate its artistry and prime once again. You can pair shoulder necklaces with your off-shoulder dress when going to appropriate events. They represent many things such as communicating prestige, wealth, and power. These are only the least of what it can present out of the bearer. Shoulder necklaces can vary from countless designs with unique and personal symbolism.

As examples, here are four collections of jewelry you should consider partnering with your dress.

Sprite Garden

Sprite Garden is a collection of shoulder capes derived inspiration from dreamscapes. Comprise of beads and metal frames shaped in flowers emphasizing the child-woman within. It speaks compassion, modesty, and kindness. The gold, flowers, and light colors emphasize the delicate female spirit. This is a kind of shoulder cape you should wear if you wish to embody youthful energy and playfulness.

Arabian Nights 

Inspired by Middle Eastern Jewelry, this shoulder necklace holds an image of sensuality with the bearer. It is best paired with a black v neck dress emphasizing your skin. Like how it is shown in the image of the model looking larger than life with the glittering texture of gold. The collection varies from a shoulder-shaped necklace covering your shoulders to elegant chains. A black dress with a light skin tone paired with gold is the best to combine for a provocative look.

Foxy Vixen

This shoulder necklace is envisioned in such a way that would emphasize a strange fetish.

Foxy Vixen is a collection of jewelry to express androgyny and dominatrix yet in a modest and opulent way. One that would be the best fit for you if you’re fond of embracing the female body and sexuality. The chains are carefully embroidered with precious stones and crystals.

Groovy Baby

Inspired by 1960s fashion, the groovy baby collection takes you back in time. When colorful jewelry and dress are the standards of aesthetic fashion. The collection varies from earrings, rings, large necklaces, collars, and more. Among the rest of the collections are; 

  • Retro Stone Studded Gold Necklace 
  • Colorful Stone Gold Links 
  • Veronica Long Circles Necklace 
  • Dusty Rose Pink Holiday Tussles
  • Vintage Rose Pink Wide Cup Bracelet 
  • Vintage White Pearl Gold Open Collar 
  • Long Vintage Retro Mod Necklace 

Most of them are made of metals like silver and gold. Similar to other collections they are mixed with stones like jades and pearls.

Key Takeaway

If you are integrating jewelry into your fashion the shoulder necklaces above are fine jewelry you could choose from. They are refashioned in a way that would fit in your modern dress. Regardless, jewelry is associated with personal connections and the expression of your uniqueness. It is safe to say it isn’t just for conformity but your own personal fascination with luxurious ornaments. If you are looking for something to integrate with your modern dress you can check the collections mentioned above.