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In Atlanta home inspection has become a regular trend when it comes to the recent rumors circulating around as almost everyone is talking about the threats radon pose to the health of humans. When people use home alarm systems to smoke detectors in order to protect their homes, why not a radon mitigation system? But the main point here is that not many people know about what a radon mitigation system is. 

Let’s have a keen look at this topic before moving further. While radon being a significant contributor in its part towards environmental radioactivity, it can be found in air or water. Radon mitigation system is basically any step taken in order to reduce the radon gas concentration in the breathing zone and water supplies of homes and buildings where humans are supposed to spend time. If they are spending time there, this means that they are exposed to the high amount of radon, if present, and prolonged inhalation of radon is notorious in causing lung cancer among an abundant number of citizens of America annually. 

Now, there are many questions that come in the mind of a homeowner before buying a house because of these issues as people are more cautious before making such decisions. Some may think: 

1. How do we find if our house has elevated levels of radon? 

  • The best way to find before developing any symptoms of radon poisoning is to run a short term and then long term radon test in order to be sure about the amount of radon present inside the house. 

2. Even if there are high levels of radon inside the house, there are no visible signs of the effects on the health of the residents of the house, should we ignore getting it treated then?

  •  Definitely no. Radon affects the health in a long term way which means that exposure to radon does not give us immediate results hence it is not wise for the residents to wait for it to show symptoms and then try to get rid of it. 

3. If we are looking to buy a house and that house has a mitigation system involved, this means that there were elevated levels of radon there, should we buy it instead? 

  •  There is nothing wrong in buying a house with a radon mitigation system involved. 

4. Does radon mitigation systems actually work?

  •  Yes, they are the only quick, effective and long lasting method to get rid of elevated levels of radon. 

5.  How do we get rid of it permanently?

  • There is no such way to get rid of radon permanently as it is always present in the air around us hence it is better to keep the radon mitigation system running all the time. 

6.  What is the safe level of radon present inside the house?

  • The safe level of radon present inside the house is 4pCi/l. 

7.  How is it measured? 

  • Radon is measured through a radon testing kit which is available in the market but it is always recommended to get the test done by a professional to get accurate results and then expert advice about what to do next.

8. Can we get rid of the excessive amount of radon present inside our house by using ventilation?

  • Yes, this is an effective way but not a complete solution, through ventilation, the air inside our house becomes dilute which means that the radon concentration is already lowered. 

9.  Having a radon mitigation system present inside your house will hurt the resale of that property or not?

  • No, this will typically not hurt the resale of the house if the person is skilled enough.

10.  Where is it most commonly found?

  • As radon is present in the air around us, it is basically found anywhere even in water and soil. 

11.  Does it have a smell?

  •  No, radon is a colorless and odorless gas

12.  What does radon actually do to a normal human being? Can it affect your mental health as well?

  •  Yes, inhalation of radon can cause some psychological issues as per suggested by some psychiatrists. 
  •   What other diseases radon cause?
  •  It causes some diseases related to memory loss i.e. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

14. What is the average amount of radon present everywhere?

  • The average amount of radon present inside the house is about 1.3pCi/l. Although in the outside air, the average amount is 0.4 pCi/l. It is the major goal of US Congress that the radon levels of inside the house should match the levels of radon in the outside air.   

After having a good look at all these questions, it is harmless to say that a lot of common knowledge about Radon testing Atlanta is revealed and the safety measures involved with it are revealed and better care should be taken in order to avoid any issues in the future just because of a mere negligence. 

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