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Did you know that radon causes around 1000 lung cancer death in United Kingdom and 21000 lung cancer deaths in United States every year but it takes around 5 to 25 years to develop which means that today you may think radon is not the problem for you, few years later it can become a cause for taking your life. As stated by the EPA, radon is found in every 1 of the 15 houses and it is odorless as well as invisible to the naked eye so one can never be sure about the presence of radon in a household until and unless they get it tested to know exactly what amount of radon is present inside a house. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that the radon levels above than 4 pCi/l are very dangerous and a house where such elevated levels of radon are found should get a radon mitigation system installed as soon as possible. 

Without Commercial Property Inspection Maryland is incomplete because it is the most important part when it comes to testing the health of a house you are living in. Why is it so important? Well that is because radon has no color and no smell but it is found everywhere around us in trace amounts making it very easy to get accumulated in our houses. Why is it so easy for it to make our houses its permanent stay? As it is found in the soil, water and air and it has this tendency to get entrapped in enclosed areas, this is the main reason it gets trapped inside the house and due to poor ventilation, especially in winters, the amount of radon increases in the house which in turn becomes a hazard for the humans breathing inside that structure because it makes the bronchi its house and stays attached to it, affecting our lungs and being the number one cause of lung cancer in a human if he is a non smoker. Every year, 5000 people die in United Kingdom and 21000 people die in United States of America due to lung cancer caused by radon which is a very alarming number hence it is mandatory in a home inspection to have radon inspection included in it when you want to get your home checked for any possible problems that may not be good for your or your house. Now when people get to know about all these facts and nothing is more precious than the health of the family members in a house, still people are often confused about the cost that is going to be incurred just in case they decide to get a radon inspection in their house. Regardless of the effects this may have, people are always trying to save money which should not be the priority while facing an issue like this. There are plenty of over the counter options ranging from $15 to $40 which will allow you to conduct a radon test at your house and then proceed further with the readings but it is always recommended to get it done from a specialist who will know exactly what to do and where to place the equipment to get the accurate readings and for how long should the test be conducted in order to get the maximum output out of it. All these factors cannot be known by a common man who has no previous experience in conducting radon tests hence getting help from an expert in this case is always recommended. 

Radon Inspection Cost Maryland will be around $100-$250 depending upon the location and the area of the house and how many tests are conducted in order to be sure about the amount of radon present in the house. Radon tests are of two types depending upon the demand of the customer that what do they want for their house but it is often dependent on the results as well. One type is short term radon testing and the other one is long term radon testing. 

Short term radon testing includes the placement of the equipment in the house at an appropriate position for 2 days and then the amount of radon is calculated and then if it is higher than the safe amount, a mitigation system is suggested. A mitigation system costs around $1200-$1500 so before going for that step, we would always suggest the clients to get a long term test done in order to know if it verifies the results of the short term one. Now this one takes around 90 days to take place but the results achieved through this are far more authentic and reliable. One the results come out and they show that the amount is safe then you do not need to worry and just focus on getting regular inspections done but when they come out higher than safe, getting a mitigation system installed should be your first preference. 

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